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Come Work with The Life Coach School

Do you want to do work that matters? At The Life Coach School, we’re growing like crazy, and we’d love for you to be part of that growth. This is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other people while discovering your own potential. The best part? Our company is 100% virtual, so you can do your best work from anywhere.

What Makes Us Different?

At The Life Coach School, we are a small team of go-getters who set big goals and achieve them. We work hard and play harder.

It has to be fun (and hopefully funny) or forget it. It’s our goal to laugh every day.

  • We genuinely love what we do and we believe our work is changing the world.
    It’s our delight to overdeliver to our customers and give them way more value than they pay for.
  • We all aspire to be the best at what we do, and we believe we work better together.
    Our team members build each other up and push each other to do our best work.
  • We keep things simple and constrain our focus.
    Things move very fast around here. We’re efficient and prepared, and we get ridiculous results.
  • We’re committed to managing our own minds and we use our own model to do it.
    This helps us own our mistakes and take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, actions, and results.
  • We talk about issues out in the open. We like everyone to be in the know.
    We truly believe honesty is the best policy, and we tell the truth to each other and our audience.
  • We change our minds a lot because we’re willing to learn by taking action.
    We spend less time thinking about what we’re going to do and more time doing it.
  • We make hard work fun.
    We believe it’s fun to be challenged. It’s fun to expand our thinking. It’s fun to overdeliver.
  • We represent the School by dressing up and working in a professional environment.
    We like to be a little bit fancy, and we believe our finest work comes when we feel our best.

How We Work

Work Remotely

All of our contractors and employees work from home. Appropriate office space and high-speed internet is required. We want you to have a life outside the office. Practicing wellness and self care is important to us. We plan ahead and prepare as early as possible. We don’t want anyone to feel too stressed or too busy.

Own Your Wins

We hire people who are amazing at what they do. We expect you to be resourceful and empower you to make your own decisions. We also hold you responsible for achieving your personal goals and contributing to team objectives.

Contracted Positions

Working as a contractor gives you the flexibility to create your own schedule. You’ll also have the opportunity for advancement and career growth as a crucial part of our team. Your contract will be reviewed regularly and can be ended at any time by either party.

Employee Positions

Full-time employees at The Life Coach School receive amazing benefits, including competitive salaries, health insurance, six weeks paid time off, company trips at amazing places like the Cayman Islands, and opportunities for ongoing education.

Are You Who We’re Looking For?

  • You must be able to work under pressure—things change fast around here.
  • We expect you to set high standards for yourself and be an example of what's possible.
  • You must be a self starter with a high level of resourcefulness and initiative. There will be very little direction, and expectations are high.
  • You must be highly detail-oriented with superb organizational and project management skills.
  • You must thrive on working hard to overdeliver and delight the customer.
  • We expect you to be a great communicator so you can collaborate with other team members in a professional, efficient manner.
  • You must have great tech skills and the ability to learn new software applications quickly.
  • We expect you to have fun.

Current Job Openings

We’re currently hiring! If you think you’d be a great fit for The Life Coach School, check out our full list of open positions. We’d love for you to come work with us and create a career beyond your wildest dreams.

We are hiring qualified life coaches to come work for The Life Coach School. You’ll be able to coach all day from the comfort of your own home without having to do any marketing to get your own clients.

The Life Coach School is currently seeking a skilled, experienced professional to fill a virtual, commission only, contractor position on our sales team. This individual is expected to complete 25 calls per week through inbound and outbound leads and be able to respond via Slack during Company business hours (9am – 6pm CT Monday through Friday).

At the School, we don’t hold you accountable for simply doing the work, but rather for the results you create. You’ll always know exactly if you’re winning or not. Our contractors are expected to act independently to make decisions, try out ideas, and make mistakes within the mandates of our mission and our current priorities.

In this role, your main result is to drive new business by converting interested potential students into enrollments.

We are hiring a flexible full time virtual (work from home) position at The Life Coach School. This is a contractor position. Expectation is for no more than 40 hours over five days a week, with some special exceptions for events.

At the School, we don’t hold you accountable for simply doing the work, but rather for the results you create. You’ll always know exactly if you’re winning or not. Our employees are empowered to make decisions, try out ideas, and make mistakes within the mandates of our mission and our current priorities.

For this position, your main result is to work with the content team to help tell the story of LCS through our public media channels, paid advertising platforms, and internally for our clients and students.

We are looking to hire a full time virtual (you work from home) position at The Life Coach School. In this full time role, the expectation is that there will be frequent weekends on call work, with the possibility of additional days on call during the Executive’s travel.

As the Executive Travel Manager, you will report to Brooke Castillo, the School’s Founder. In your role, you will be a key member of the team that serves personal and professional calendaring and travel needs, managing all future planning, vendors, and assigned responsibilities while designing methods to over deliver in this position. Imagine being able to take your client’s vision and completely own the execution from initial Slack or text through completion.

You have the honor of being critical support and foundation of the framework and processes that open up space in Brooke Castillo’s brain in order for her to work at her highest level. Your ability to hold space, implement structure and organization for all of the needs, completely taking items off of Brooke’s mind, provides immense value not only to her life and work but also to the School as a whole. Her impact is directly influenced by your ability to take complete ownership. Your ability to delight her as your client will be the driving force for your work. Your goal is to keep her in her zone of genius while you are in yours.

This is a fast-paced and demanding job, on a top-notch team, that is more essential than most would imagine at face value.