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Pain is Pain


For some reason, Jennifer Aniston’s name comes up a lot in my coaching.

My clients seem to want to be her-or at least have her body.

So I think about Jen a lot. I think about what it might be like to be her.

She has what so many of my clients think will give them happiness.

They want money, skinny, pretty. They think if they had that they would have less pain.

But is Jen’s pain less than our pain?

Does she experience it less often

Is it less real?

When Brad left was it less painful because she was pretty, thin and had money?

Or does pain just hurt no matter who you are?

I know this seems obvious, but then so why do we do this to ourselves?

Why do we think skinny pain is better than fat pain?

Rich pain better than poor pain?

Pretty pain better than ugly pain?

I’ve been fat and I’ve been skinny and the pain was the same damn pain.

And the happiness was the same happiness.

Jen’s pain isn’t better than yours.

And her happiness isn’t either.