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It Doesn't Get Better Than This podcast episode cover The Life Coach School

Ep #9: It Doesn’t Get Better Than This

Being aware of the present moment simply means you never believe the illusion that the future is going to be better than what is going on right now.” – Mateo Tabatabi

While studying works of great teachers like Lord Byron, Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Abraham and Buddha, I’ve constantly come across the same message: be in the present moment. But what does that really mean? The concept that I have been concentrating on recently, “It doesn’t get better than this,” is closely related to that message and has become an amazing tagline for how to live my life.

This week, we’ll dig into what it really means to be here, now. I’ll explain how you can transform your thinking from thoughts like, “When I have this or that… life will be better,” to being able to enjoy the things you think you're lacking, right now. Don’t miss this episode full of inspirational ways to help you change your mindset and stop looking outside of yourself for what makes you happy.

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What You will discover

  • The importance of being in the present moment.
  • What it really means to be here, now.
  • How you can be in the present moment and still plan for the future.
  • How to experience the ever-elusive future promise of happiness or the “good old times” right now.

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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to The Life Coach School podcast, where it’s all about real clients, real problems and real coaching. And now your host, Master Coach Instructor, Brooke Castillo.
Hey, everybody, what's up? I am so happy that you're here. I am so happy that I'm here. I'm so happy that we're here together. I've been getting so many awesome emails and posts on Facebook and on the comments about how much you guys are loving this podcast and that makes me so happy.
I'm so glad that you're benefiting from it. I'm really enjoying doing it. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it because I get so many great connections with all of you and how much it's influencing you. I really appreciate it.
I also want to give a huge shout out to any of you who have written a review. Again, we are rocking it out on new and noteworthy on iTunes and it's because you guys have been downloading my podcast and listening to it, but also because you've been giving me really awesome reviews. I love you guys, thank you so much for taking the time. I know it's kind of a pain to do that and there's really no reason why you have to do it and you're just doing it for me and I just love it. Thank you, I really appreciate it.
One of the things I wanted to do was reply to an email that I received from a beautiful gorgeous listener who likes what I have to say about managing the mind and how really managing the mind can help with our negative emotion. She really likes the idea of it, but she says that I make it sound very easy and because she suffers from depression it's not easy for her. She's been diagnosed with depression and she knows that there's a chemical imbalance in her body and she's wondering if my coaching can apply to her.
I want to address it because I think it's so important. I think it's a brilliant question and I want to address it because I know that she's probably not the only one that has it. My answer is yes and my answer is also I think that depression is a very real thing. We put it in the circumstance line whenever we do a thought model on it.
We do not negotiate that depression isn't a real thing because it absolutely is. It's a very serious, and can be very debilitating, thing. There are levels of depression that are not fully treated with life coaching and require psychiatry and psychotherapy.
That being said, I've worked with many clients that have suffered from depression and have worked with a therapist and have also worked with me and found that the life coaching techniques in conjunction with the medication in conjunction with psychiatry have been very helpful. The way that I look at it is that depression is something that you have right now. It's something that you're experiencing and it's very real. How you decide to think about that depression will make it worse or will make it better.
That's where I think the life coaching can really come in. What I mean by make it better, I don't mean cure it and make it go away, I just mean negative thoughts on top of depression can make the exhaustion and the pain of it worse. Having lighter and more peaceful thoughts about having depression can make it better. I've seen it happen thousands of times.
What I want to suggest to you, my beautiful wonderful amazing listener, is that you choose to think about your depression in a way that serves you. You don't use it as a reason to beat yourself up or think that there's something wrong with you or think that you'll never not be depressed. Actually look at your depression as something that's here to teach you something, that maybe you are exhausted from the resistance of trying to feel and that there are answers for you and that you can find a way in each moment to be in acceptance and peace. If you keep listening I will do my best to offer more insight on how you can manage your mind while, at the same time, dealing with the very real issue that you are dealing with, which is depression.
I hope that helps. If it doesn't you email me again and I will get back to you and I will talk to you. If any others of you have questions for me feel free to email me. My email is [email protected] You can also access any of my show notes and information by going to my website, which is whatever number episode you're on. This is episode 9, so to go to the show notes for episode 9 you'd go to
Today I'm going to talk to you about the concept that it doesn't get better than this. This is something that I have been working on a lot in the past couple of months. It seems like about every year I adopt a new thought.
I remember when my new thought was it was always meant to happen this way. I really used that thought as a way to reconcile my past and move forward with some of the past focus that I was dealing with. I'm going to talk about past and future focus in a future episode so stay tuned for that.
This new thought that I have, it doesn't get better than this, is a mind-blower for me. This one has been huge. The other one that I had was nothing is too good to be true. I read that in a book years ago and it blew my mind. I loved that idea of nothing is too good to be true and I spent a lot of time really practicing and working with that thought.
My thought now is it doesn't get better than this. One of the things that I have always struggled with, even as a life coach, and I study this stuff all the time and I read all about it. I've studied the work of Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle and Abraham and Buddha. One of the consistent messages, Marianne Williamson, one of the consistent messages that I've gotten from all of my teachers is be in the present moment.
I've always thrashed against that because what if my present moment sucks. What if I don't want to be in my present moment. What if I just want to get out of my present moment and you're telling me to just be present in my present moment when I just want to take action and get out of it.
I've always been action oriented and I've always felt that I'm a pretty powerful person and I can control my own life and I can get myself into better moments. Sometimes that is true, but I've taken this concept to a whole new level since I did a recent master coach training with 11 of my students.
I took them through master coach training and in that training, it's a very rigorous training, we have to read six books in six weeks. One of the books that I had us read, and I haven't read any of the books when I assign them so we read them together and we study them together, and one of the books that I had the students read was called Mind-Made Prison. It's by Mateo Tabatabai and I'm totally butchering his last name. I apologize for that.
The Mind-Made Prison was such an amazing book. I absolutely loved it. As we were going through the course one of the students, Jenny Row, one of the master coach students, brought to my attention a quote from the book. It reads like this, it says, "Being aware of the present moment simply means you never believe the illusion that the future is going to be better than what is going on right now."
Okay, did that blow your mind. It totally blew our minds. She brought it up and I had to read it twice. I'm going to read it one more time to you so you can really hear what this guy is saying. "Being aware of the present moment simply means you never believe the illusion that the future is going to be better than what is going on right now."
If you've been listening to this podcast for a while you know that one of my main teachings is awareness and being conscious in this present moment and being aware of what's going on. This concept takes it deeper. It takes it, not only are we aware of our present moment, but we're also aware that it doesn't get better than this. There is no moment that is better than another moment.
If you're going, what? I'm with you. If I'm in the dentist office I'm pretty sure that moment is not my best moment and when I'm at the DMV I think that's not my best moment. All of these teachers are telling me that, you know... One of my favorite teachers is that Eckhart Tolle and he says, "realize deeply that the present moment is all you have". Make now the primary focus of your life, be here now. Breathe into this moment, right?
I've heard this for years and I've always thought, yeah it's a nice concept. I do yoga every day. In yoga they're always saying let your mind be here now. I'm like my mind is so entertained by what's going on at work and I'm thinking right now about what's going on with what my husband and I are going to be doing later. That's going to be so fun, we're going out on a date. I'm thinking about the cute thing that my son said and that seems to be more enjoyable for my brain and for me to think about than this present moment where I'm standing here in a pose that's hurting my legs.
If you're anything like me you understand this, right? That being in the present moment is some airy, fairy meditative idea that I have a challenge really doing. The way that this was written in this book really resonated with me. I summed it up with the thought it doesn't get better than this and I really have been thinking a lot about that.
What does that mean? If it's not going to be better than this, if this moment is the best it's ever going to be and the next moment is the best it's ever going to be, what does that mean to me in my life? I have really had to reconcile that. One of the things that I know that is true from all of the work that I've done is that our capacity for happiness has nothing to do with anything going on externally.
Joy and happiness come from what's going on in our minds. If that's true all thoughts are available to me in this moment then there is no future moment where I will have the ability to have more capacity for joy than I have right now. My capacity for joy is at full capacity from the minute I'm born.
The only thing that holds me back from experiencing joy is my brain and from thinking thoughts that block my joy. Stay with me on this. If I think that all of my capacity for joy is here now and no matter what changes in my external world, the only thing that will ultimately change joy and how I feel is how I think.
If I think about more success, for example, and I think about maybe my business being even more successful than it is now and I think that will make me happier, I have to remind myself, wait, no that won't make me happier. If I go back to my own teachings, to my own learnings, to my own beliefs I believe that what makes me happy is my thinking and whatever thought I'm going to have when I'm more successful is a thought that I could actually have right now.
Then my mind exploded and then I thought this moment right now is as good as it will ever get in terms of my ability to think thoughts. The only thing that will change is my external world. The only thing that might change is that some circumstance in my life. The only thing that really, ultimately, is going to bring me happiness is the thought I have in that future moment.
I've always believed, even when you think about Eckhart Tolle, he talks about being in the present moment and yet he has this multi-million dollar business going on and he's written all sorts of books. Being in the present moment to him doesn't mean that he doesn't think about the future. He totally thinks about the future in this present moment but what Eckhart doesn't do, and this is one thing I've wrapped my mind around lately, is he doesn't believe that by planning for that future moment that future moment will be better than this one.
Even though he's creating and even though he's writing books and planning and going on Oprah and all of those things, in his mind he's not saying, ooh I'm going trade this moment for some future moment. We're often trading our happiness in this moment for some future moment we believe will be better or even some past moment we thought was better. Really our capacity for joy is always the same in both of those moments.
Just because I'm planning to write a book or I'm planning on being more successful, I'm planning on making more money, I'm planning on meeting new people, that's all fantastic. I don't sacrifice by telling myself, oh that's when I could be happy by denying myself happiness now.
Are you guys following this because it blows my mind even when I'm talking about it to you right now. This is something that I do sometimes. I think oh when I have that then it'll be better. When I don't have so many things on my plate, when I've completed that project then I'll be able to breathe easier. Then I'll be able to be at more peace. When my kids are out of school then I'll be able to do something differently than I'm doing now.
I'm sure you guys do the same thing. What if that's just a story we're telling ourselves? What if really we could have whatever we think would be better in the future we actually could have right now. The reason why I think things will be better when I complete a project is because then I won't be working on the project. By believing that I'm resisting working on the project now. It's almost like I'm not enjoying that process.
I really get that now. I really understand that by believing a future moment will be better than this moment I am deluding and missing out on this moment. Believing that this moment is horrible and that some future moment will be fantastic as soon as this horrible moment is over, I'm missing the experience of being fully present and alive without judging this moment.
That has made my life incredibly more dynamic by understanding that. Now knowing when my brain wants to go to some future moment and entice me to deny this moment in sake of that one I'm like, aha, I'm onto you. I am onto you.
In order for me to even have a future moment that's as amazing as this one I have to learn how to appreciate this amazing moment. Otherwise when I get to that "future moment" I for sure will be denying that moment for some sake of some future moment.
I heard someone talking the other day and it really brought this all home for me. They were talking about how, it was on an interview, and they were talking about how when they were really struggling in the early days of their career that those were the good old days. They were talking about them in a way that there was such an ambition and grittiness and rawness to the work they were creating.
During that time, of course, they didn't see it that way. They saw that time as the time that they were hoping for some better moment and then they get to the better moment, which this artist was at now, and they were looking back at that moment and seeing what a great moment that was. Because he wasn't conscious in that moment, he wasn't aware of how great it was, he missed out on it.
You guys have heard people talk about this all the time. It's like remember when we could only afford, you know, to buy that clunky old car, ah those were the good old days. That was when it was really sweet and we didn't have these other things to worry about.
I think we can all relate to that in our own lives when we look at our past and we think oh if we only could have appreciate that body we had when we were 18. If only we could have appreciate when we were kids and we didn't have to really worry or take care of ourselves. In those moments we didn't have the ability to appreciate that. I wonder now if I get to some future moment will I look back and go ah remember that, that was so great, and you missed it because you were so busy thinking about, oh it'll be better when I have more clients or when I have more friends, or when I have more money, or when I have less fat on my body.
When I think about my weight loss clients and really helping them appreciate the body that they're in and they want to resist this moment. They want to get to the part where they're skinny and they want to miss the part where they're overweight. If often tell them, you won't ever get to that moment where you're fully accepting of your body until you get to that moment where you're fully accepting of your body. That doesn't happen because your body changes, it happens because you make a decision.
We think we accept our body thinner because it's better, but really all we've done is change our opinion of it. That's why we feel so much better. We can do that now and in fact if we do it when it isn't based on external circumstances we will find a way of managing ourselves in the present moment where it doesn't matter what's happened externally. It doesn't matter if we've gained weight or lost weight, we can still own our own joy because your capacity for joy does not increase the thinner that you get.
Your capacity for joy is the exact same right this minute as it is when you've lost 10 pounds, when you've lost 20 pounds, when you've lost 50 pounds. When you look to be happier, when you look to have more joy, know that the reason why you believe you'll be happier is because you're thinner, but that is not true. The reason you are happier when you are thinner is because you give yourself permission to be happier. That's just a mind blower, isn't it?
Even as I say it I'm like whew. I remember believing when I was still overweight that I could be happy and that happy was better than thin. I remember when I really go that and, of course, once I got that my body was able to release the weight, but not until I got that moment.
I want to share a little bit more from the Mind-Made Prison because I think it's so awesome. It's because a question I get a lot of time is because I'm very future focused and I really help my clients plan and create their future they often say to me how do you reconcile that with being in the present moment. I say, the way that I answer that is I saw well I am in the present moment when I'm planning my future and I don't trade this moment or believe that this moment is less valuable based on the goals I have in my future.
He sums it up beautifully in his book. He says, "Plan, dream, and organize all you want, just don't start believing that what you have planned for the future is going to be any better than your current moment. You are going to be in the present moment your entire life. If you are focusing on how good the future is going to be you are just running on the hamster wheel hoping to get somewhere. Life is right now in this glorious moment right in front of you. I believe that if you're not allowing yourself to be happy right now nothing external in the future is going to change that permanently."
Let that really sink in and blow your mind. Let it change you if you will. I am all about you creating a life that you want and changing anything you want in your life but know that you can do that from a place of acceptance and happiness now. You don't have to be unhappy. You don't have to be frustrated in order to make a change.
In fact, making changes from a place of abundance and happiness and joy in this moment will make that change so much easier. People want, all of us want, instant results. The truth is you always have that available to you if you're willing to be in this moment and understand that your capacity for joy is already at 100%. Your ability to be happy is already at 100%. The only difference is you are waiting for some external thing to change in order to give yourself permission to be happy in this moment.
I think that's what Eckhart Tolle has been trying to teach me all these years. I think that even Abraham, it's always about where is my stuff, where is my million dollars, where is my perfect body, where is my perfect man. Where are my perfect children, where's all my stuff, because once I get that then, then, and then I will really be happy. I think what they've been trying to teach me is you can have all that stuff. That stuff is so easy. That stuffs just stuff. You can get all of that if you use your mind properly. You can create anything you want in your life and I think I've understood that on some level.
What I've learned on a whole new level and really what I'm hoping that I'm teaching you and showing you is that you don't need all the stuff. You can get it all but you don't need it to be happy. In fact, if you're looking at something in your life externally and you don't think it's great and you don't think you're successful enough or you don't think your relationship is good enough or you don't think your kids are behaving right or you don't think your house is nice enough or you don't think your bank account is big enough, whatever it is, just know that those things do not have the ability to rob you of your happiness. You don't have to improve those things to feel better.
It doesn't mean you don't improve those things if you want to. Rock on with improving anything you want in your life, but just don't tell yourself that you will be somehow happier in the getting of those things. That happiness is right here available to you right now and you can find peace and joy in this moment regardless of your bank account, regardless of your weight.
When we really understand that. I just noticed myself this morning saying ooh I can't wait. You guys do that? I can't wait until this happens, that's going to be so awesome. I can't wait to teach this class or I can't wait to show these people my work or whatever it is. I had to catch myself a little bit and be like yes that will be awesome, but it's not anymore awesome than this moment right now and can I find the awesomeness in this moment.
I sat there and I felt myself resisting it. I felt myself thinking, no this moment's not as good as that moment's going to be. I asked myself why am I believing that, why am I choosing to believe in that, because I know conceptually that I can be in that space of joy right now if I allow myself to experience it.
I will tell you what happened. In that moment I tasted it. I tasted the ability to be fully joyous now and not because of anything outside of me. That's the big difference. I didn't have to think about being grateful for anything. I didn't have to look at my life and see what I have. I didn't have to do any of that to know that I could be happy. I really, it's like just a little blink of a taste that I could be happy regardless of what I have to be thankful for.
I could be happy regardless of what's going on in my life externally. I can just be happy. I will tell you what, that got me really excited. That's why I'm like I have to record the podcast today because I have to share it with these people and I have to make sure that I can explain it in a way that they can really understand.
Maybe we don't master this and maybe we're not just sitting on a bench in nirvana all the time, but maybe just knowing that it's possible. Knowing that we really could do that, that our happiness doesn't have to be wrapped up in a house and a Mercedes and a hot husband and a successful business, our happiness can just be wrapped up right in our mind in this moment. I think that rocks.
I hope that you see it the way I do because I want to talk to you about it. I'm like let's talk about this, what do you guys think about this idea. Can you taste it? Can you be in that moment? Can you notice when you're trying to escape this moment for some future moment? Can you tell the difference between doing that versus being fully content in this moment and planning for amazing future? Amazing future, but knowing that it doesn't have to be any more amazing than this moment, that it actually can't be. The amazingness, everything that's amazing, is available to us right here in this moment.
Please come to the, put in the comments what you think about this idea. Do you guys have a hard time being in the present moment? Do you want to resist this moment and go to some future moment that you have designed that could be way better than this moment. I want to hear about it. I want to talk to you guys about it. I want to get your brilliant ideas about it.
Please go there, let's open up a conversation and talk about it. I would love to. Until then I want you guys to really consider the idea that it doesn't get better than this and that's not horrible news. If you think that's horrible news it's because you're looking outside of yourself to find things to make you happy.
What it means by it doesn't get better than this is that you have the capacity for all the joy you could ever want to experience inside of you and in this moment. Rocks my world. I want to be able to master that. That's my goal. Let's talk about it more. I'll see you on the site. Have an amazing week. Talk to you next time. Bye-bye.Thank you for listening to The Life Coach School podcast. It would be incredibly awesome if you would take a moment to write a quick review on iTunes. For any questions, comments or coaching issues you’d like to hear on the show, please visit us at


  1. I love your podcasts! I have been listening to them over and over again because they are chock full of helpful advice, and mind altering ways to live! Thank you!

    1. My life has changed so much and it’s all because of you. I am a recent mom and have been feeling very sad about work life balance and ever since my friend recommended your podcast to me it has changed my perspective on life. I have mentioned to many of my friends, co workers and anyone who will listen about how you seriously have blown my mind on muiltple occasions. My relationships with my husband, family and daughter have changed because of you. Just need to say, you’ve done it! You’re changing the world in a very positive way and I am so happy I have found you. Sending you so many positive loving awesome vibes and will be forever thankful for your words. Love from Canada xxxx

    2. WOW! Mind blowing!! This has been my favorite episode thus far. I consciously practice living in the moment but catch myself with those future thoughts. The way this was written about and the way you broke it down made me have an “ah-ha” moment and I instantly get it! Thank you so much for sharing!

      1. Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback Cristy. Brooke appreciates it! –Felicia

    3. I recently discovered your podcasts and am listening daily. This reminds me of my favorite childhood movie – The Wizard of Oz…you had the power inside yourself all along Dorothy. Thank you!

  2. Brooke,

    I stumbled upon your podast while I was looking for some fresh new podcasts to listen to. As a podcaster myself, I’m kind of picky about the whole deal: content, personality, and production quality. Needless to say, I love, love, love what you’re doing.

    This episode on It Doesn’t Get Better Than This really hit home for me. It echoed so much of what I’ve been thinking and talking about lately, and it took my thinking to a whole new level.

    Thanks for what you’re doing. Did I mention that I love it? I love it. You’re awesome.

  3. Brooke, Absolutely. I’m in 100%. This is the leading edge. True. True. True. When we get whatever it is that we want, we will simply use it as a point of focus to feel amazing. That’s something we do with our mind. It has nothing to do with the conditions or circumstances. So, of course, we can do that with our minds NOW on purpose. YES!

  4. Hi Brooke,

    First, let me say that your podcasts have been a game-changer for me. They have helped me in so many ways and I am ever grateful to you for putting them out there for everyone. What a gift.

    This podcast in particular was huge for me. Through a series of self-awareness I’ve finally discovered that I’m currently suffering from depression. It’s amazing how deeply you can convince yourself that you are okay and completely miss what is going on by running for the nearest distraction. I am queen of distractions. I’ve always considered myself to be incredibly strong and able to handle everything and anything myself, but this has left me no room for vulnerability and finally authenticity. Through mindfulness practice I’ve been digging in and it’s hard, really hard, but I’m working through it. The comments you made about our choosing how to think about depression helped so much. I took that and ran with it and have a very long and introspective journal entry where for the first time, I’m not only being authentic with myself, but choosing to face things and grow from them, and not from a place of sorrow, but from a realization that I have something to learn and an opportunity to finally meet myself. Thank you for that.

    Regarding the rest of this podcast I have a very cool story to share. I’m at a technical conference in NYC. I listened to your podcast this morning while getting ready, hoping to pull myself out of my fog of depression and find some energy to greet this day (especially since this conference cost me an arm and a leg). I drank in your words and headed out to various sessions. By the end of the day I chose a session that apparently everyone wanted to be in. The room was PACKED! We were shoulder to shoulder in our seats. There were people lining the walls and sitting on the floor. Suddenly I felt like I was stuck on a packed airplane, sitting on the runway without any power. The air was so thick. I felt like there wasn’t any oxygen. It was hot and I was sitting there just stewing in my misery wishing this session would just be over so I could leave. It was so packed I couldn’t get out, and my mood just continued to drop. Suddenly a little voice in my head said, “it doesn’t get better than this. Be here now. This moment, I have the same capacity for happiness as any other moment”. The moment I thought that, I relaxed and felt utterly peaceful. I realized that the room was packed because this was a really amazing session with an incredible speaker and I was there to be a part of it! I went from miserable to excited to completely grateful for the opportunity to be there. Wow! Thoughts really do create emotions! I’ve conceptually been following along, but today was a concrete example of just how powerful this message is! Thank you so much!


  5. Hi Brooke! Well, I figured that I could finish off a document I’d been writing (that I wasn’t enjoying very much), keep track of my emails and do a couple of web searches for my new business idea while listening to your podcast this morning. I soon realised that that we exactly what you were asking us not to do! I thought – Why are you trying to do all that stuff right now? Why not just be in the moment you are in, do one thing, be happy about it? I soon stopped emailing and searching, a little bit later I stopped writing my document and I just sat and listened to you. I relaxed, I stopped worrying about the document, I invested my time in me (and you!) and I was ….. happy.

    I must mention that I’m going through a bit of self-evaluation at the moment, feeling discontent with my life and worrying excessively about my future. I’m definitely not happy in the moment – not happy the I have healthy, active kids who are achieving well at school, not happy that my house renovations are almost complete, not happy that I have an awesome husband who loves me and would do anything for me, not happy that I have a good job that allows me flexibility to balance my life/work commitments. I’m just worried that I won’t have enough retirement money to go on holidays – in 30 years! Ridiculous, isn’t it? Especially now I’m actually putting it in words, I really can see how utterly ridiculous this is.

    So, now, from today, I’m going to wake up every morning and think about at least one thing I’m happy about. I’m going to finish that document and I’m going to be happy just being me, here, now.

    Thank you Brooke! I’m happy I found you.

  6. Brooke, I’m all over this. Love it. I’ve added the Mind Made Prison to my 2015 get my “shish” together reading list.

  7. Hi Brooke! I’ve just recently found your podcast–and now I’m enjoying ‘binge listening’, I simply can’t get enough. I had to listen to this episode twice, because my mind. just. EXPLODED!! Thank you so much for the great content. I listen to podcasts in all different genres, and yours is really, really great. Amazing content, fantastic messages, and stellar delivery. Thanks again for the work you put into this podcast, it’s been a game-changer for me!


  8. Brooke, I am blown away with your podcasts, I have just been intuitivly guided to find your work. Each podcast is me, I am only up to 9 but have listening to them back to back so far. I am having a really difficult time right now, (or am I) I am fully aware of self yet I am living a seriously rubbish life and have had 8 years of negative stuff happening (actually it is much longer but that is the amount of time where I have been more aware of it) despite the amount of positive work I have done over the past 20 years or more, it appears that only negative results show up. I am exhausted most days, and am struggling in every area of my life, I am so blessed to have found your work, I will diligently listen to each and every podcast over and over until that part of me that is clearly in resistance, sadness, depression, etc. etc. (everything negative basically) finally plugs into everything positive that I know a million % is available to me. I could go on and on but nothing I say would be positive right now. Today I cried for a couple of hours after I listened to this podcast because it woke up the truth about how sad etc. I actually am, but thank you so much for your knowledge and wisdom, and all the other beautiful things that you are. Please keep up your work as I am sure it is going to be helping me in ways that I am not aware of at this moment in time. Thank you Brooke.

  9. Hey Brooke,

    I had to leave you a note of thanks.

    Both your podcasts have changed my life. I will be graduating from Harvard with my Master’s Degree in psychology this November. But throughout my schooling I was most stressed about my career path. As I saw it, I had two choices, go get my PhD and become of professor, or start my practice as a life coach. I chose the later.

    I have been adamantly listening to both your podcasts and they have been so helpful in both my businesses (I now have two) and my own personal well-being. You have inspired my inner greatness to rise up and make a difference in the world. You also were able to teach me out of a tough time in my life, through showing me that I am in control of my thoughts, feelings, actions and results. I have also been reading your first book, “If I am so smart, why can’t I lose weight?”–absolutely fantastic. There are so many tools in there that have helped me shape my own program. My program focuses on helping women, mostly with a history of disordered eating, find freedom from food obsession and compulsive exercise.

    You are a force Brooke–thank you for sharing with us.



  10. I have been trying to gain this lesson on living in the moment and have done pretty well in doing it with most areas of my life except one. My job. No matter how hard I try to be grateful and thankful that I have this job and that I am working here I cannot shake the discontentment. Any advice ?

  11. Oh my gosh. I am so glad this beautiful person wrote that email to you. I needed to know that. I just assumed that your work would help. But that email’s question brought it into a new light. I am exhausted from my anxiety and depression which I have been diagnosed with, but I do know that it will be a lesson and will serve me. I have beat myself up because I can’t just shrug it off. Thank you again. xo

  12. Hey Brooke, just want you to know I’m seriously blown away by this episode (and of course many others I’ve been binge listening to over the past few days). Your podcast has really shifted my perspective on so many things in life. I’m finally allowing myself to feel fully present and alive in this every moment. I could NEVER express my thanks enough!! I will always remember to refer back to your wise words on how it’s all about what’s going on in our minds. Thank you for sharing everything you do. I will continue listening to all your other episodes and no doubt I will let them keep changing me for the better 🙂
    Have an amazing day!

  13. MIND BLOWN!!!! Love the thought of this! Will definitely be working on getting this in place in my mind!

  14. Hi Brooke. I have been listening to your podcasts every morning in the Parisian Subway for 4 monthes. I’m french, and I got to know your work trough this podcast : .
    Love Love Love your work, thank you so much for changing my perspectives on myself, work, relationships… and food. It’s a life saver, I get to take more and more responsabilities for my actions, and I try to learn to say goodbye to guilt & grudge. I’m happy to watch myself grow: it does taste veeery good.
    Thank you for your great energy,
    Best Regards from Paris !

  15. I just realised while listening to this, that I really don’t allow myself happiness because I don’t have certain things. And they’re really insidious things, like the time to choose what I want to do, and most importantly, a good relationship with my partner. I think relationships are so important, and I realised it seemed wrong to me to be happy when we are struggling so much. I can really see the change possible when i start to think that I don’t need any of those things to be, and to be allowed to be, happy.

    Thank you.

  16. I know this is such an old episode and one I have actually heard before but strangely I accidentally bumped my phone and this episode started playing again, following a night where I was reading the success principles on law of attraction and also watched the secret. And at first I thought this is completely opposite to what I have been learning. But as I listened I stared to really understand it all. That you really need to find joy in the current moment, not just by finding gratitude it the present, which you should but just that you can find joy inside anyway. Once you can cultivate that real joy perhaps that’s when the law of attraction really works?? I hope I am right on this? Thanks so much Brooke, I learn so much from you but sometimes it takes me so long to really know it…

    1. Glad to hear you enjoyed this episode. Thank you for sharing! –Brecklyn

  17. I have recently started listening to the “Life Coach School Podcast” from the beginning and I have already noticed huge changes and shifts in my mindset. This episode in particular stirred a lot of thoughts and questions about the way I think and the capabilities I have, strangely they are not all positive. When I think of the phrase “it doesn’t get better than this” I get a huge sweeping sence of anxiety and fear that my future will not be better then the moment I am experiencing right now. Then I feel guilty about all of the other past moments I have let slip by because I wasn’t fully conscience and allowing myself to experience them. It is possible to be completely engulfed in the present moment and make the best of what we have now, but in contrast. when outside variables are causing us pain it’s incredibly helpful to think and believe mantras that encourage ourselves that things will get better, and this too shall pass. This would also be helpful for those who are struggling with any sort of illness or severe pain, including mental illnesses such as anxiety or depression. to accept the present moment and make the most of it but also know that it will get better.
    Being present and mindful is a very difficult concept to comprehend especially in a capitalistic society, I really appreciate you sharing your insights with me and others. I love your podcast and everything you offer!

    1. Hello Michele,

      Thank you for listening to the podcast! Brooke appreciates your comment very much.


  18. OMG! This is really mind-blowing! This episode is my favorite so far.
    Just a quick summary of my current situation in conjunction with what takes me to this very moment:
    I am an alcoholic stayed away from treatment for 10-11 years and i’m getting treatment for almost two years now. Just recently started to practice mindfulness every day and while my practices going smoothly i’ve stumbled upon this podcast in the description of one of my favorite bullet journal creating youtube channel. And here i am listening to this podcast whenever i have time to do so.
    When i was listening to this podcast and the moment you mentioned “the good old days” all of my lost years came rushing into my head and my head exploded. I’ve cried very briefly for the days i couldn’t enjoy the present moment (but really briefly like a minute or so) and then i felt grateful all of the things i have right now, all of the things i feel right now.
    I’m really grateful for this podcast.

  19. I recently started listening to the podcasts after a friend recommended them. They have all been phenomenal, but I have to say that this week’s message about being in the present moment was especially mind-blowing. What Brooke said about giving myself permission to be happy brought me to tears, and I had to actually pause the podcast and give myself a few minutes to cry it out. I’m 43 years old and for the first time in my life, I GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION TO BE HAPPY! I’ve accomplished more with just a few of Brooke’s podcasts than I ever did with therapy. I just want to say thank you, and may you be blessed with continued happiness and success.

    1. Hi Julie,

      What a great example of applying Brooke’s teachings. We’re so happy you’re finding value in the podcasts and enjoying them. Thank you for sharing! –Lori

  20. Years ago I was traveling with my business partner, and we were joyfully planning a new venture for the following year. The venture never got off the ground, but that experience jolted me into the awareness that the ACT of making future plans was joyful to me, whether or not the plan actually came to fruition! Many of our joint ventures have been wildly successful, but it is in the planning and working together that the true joy lies – not in the results. As Abraham says – you cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy journey.

  21. I found this podcast challenging, but I tweaked it a bit to something I find very useful. The challenge I have is that to me, the logical conclusion of “it doesn’t get better than this, that everything you need is in this moment”, is that I should be content to live in solitary confinement and torture the rest of my life. Or less extremely, this phrasing just makes it sound like there isn’t a really good reason to strive to do and be better. What resonated for me more was the observation that we sometimes look back on a time that we realize we were not taking full joy at the time we were having the experience. We can strive for being in a future state that is happier, and indeed Brooke has brought out that it’s the contrasts between pain and joy that makes for a rich life. If I go through a process of losing weight, I will experience a joy and satisfaction of a healthier body and personal growth that perhaps a person who enjoyed normal weight their whole life did not get to feel. It does get better. What I need from the present moment is to simply fully experience it, and to find meaning and goodness and to see myself as a whole person and fully appreciate what I have now, and that I will probably always be and have both enough and not enough. I can be both content with what is, and striving for more.

  22. I found your information and podcast today, which I know was meant to be. A challenging message, as my husband of 25 years left in June, and I have been doing a ton of work on myself since. Considering the present moment as full of joy, enough, amazing is thought provoking to say the least! Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Hello Jeri, Thank you for your comment. Congratulations on working on yourself, and welcome as a new listener! –Lori

  23. THANK YOU for these podcasts!!! What I don’t understand is how I get the joy without relying on something like gratitude to help evoke it. How does simply knowing that I have the same capacity for joy right now as in the future make me to feel it?

    1. Thank you for your question Wendi. Brooke will be responding to questions in an upcoming Questions and Answers episode. Stay tuned! –Felicia

  24. Boom! Episode 9 blew my mind too Brooke!
    Thank you for you service to us, you are a gift!
    I need more of you in my life!
    I recently stumbled across your podcast by accident ( which really, let’s be honest there are no accidents 🙂) and I was hooked from the first episode.
    I have always been challenged on how to put my thoughts into words. When I listen to your podcast it’s like my inner thoughts are coming out but with your voice, everything you teach really resonates with me.
    Thank you again for sharing your gift it is a true treasure!

  25. I learned this concept about 6 years ago and it has completely changed my life! But I have a question: how do you incorporate this mindset into a moment of trauma or grief? In the moment (and the ones following) you discover your spouse is having an affair, or your child has died, etc.

    1. Great question! Brooke may address this in an upcoming Questions & Answers podcast. Stay tuned! Another great episode to listen to is Ep #92: How to Feel

  26. Right now I am struggling with living in the moment, because my wife and I are applying for jobs in a different town. We want to move so we can be closer to family and I find myself just thinking about how much better it is going to be when we get to move. I have a good job now and life is good, but I keep going to thoughts of how much better it will be. What can I do about this?