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Brooke Castillo talking into a microphone


  1. Great video Brooke! Makes me so excited to attend the school this fall. Rock on with your bad self!

  2. Love the video!!! Self coaching is so necessary to finding and connecting within. It’s a shame that individuals who can’t relate to having a deep relationship with the inner self would find this work lame. I am so grateful for the pause i have taken in my life, for taking notice of my thoughts, for becoming more of who I am genuinely. I don’t want to make excuses for my past or my future. I have demanded more of myself, and as i have raised my expectations so does my quality of thoughts and mental health through self coaching. I truly feel oneness within, not needing to buffer unknowingly. I have become an awakened warrior. Thank you Brooke Castillo for your contribution to my life!

    1. Glad you found Brooke’s work and are applying it to your life! Way to go! –Brecklyn

  3. HAHAHA! LOVE THIS! You ARE so BAD ASS Brooke!!

    NEVER apologize for ANYTHING you do in life …NEVER.

    1. Thanks for watching and for the feedback! Brooke appreciates it very much. –Brecklyn

  4. I LOVE YOUR VIDEO & BELIEVE YOU ARE BAD ASS!!! I so wish I would have joined YOU…you are the foundation of what I need! Your “Stop Over Drinking” is what caught my attention. SO true & I resonated with your teaching. Instead, I spent my money on a “match making” company that is not working out the way I expected. I wish I would have invested in ME with YOU…then the “match” I am looking for-would have happened organically.

  5. Brooke- you are too awesome for words. Your coaching has completely 100% changed my life, and thus the lives of the many, many people I am involved with every day. LOVE your video! You GO, Girl!

    1. Thank you for the feedback. Brooke appreciates it. Glad to hear her work has been helping you in your life. –Brecklyn

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback! Brooke appreciates it very much. –Brecklyn

  6. WOW! Great new video. Hard-hitting with punch, impact and scrappy attitude. The Life Coach School coaches are all BAD ASSESS. Especially the Head of all BAD ASSESS, Brooke.

  7. OMG I LOVE WE ARE LIFE COACHES!!!! I LOVE the attitude, the confidence! I SO wish I had the time and $ to take your full class but the Weight Loss module will have to do for now. And I look forward to your Friday night pep talks and snip-its! God Bless you Brooke Castillo!

    1. So glad you enjoyed this video, Roseanne. Thank you for sharing! –Brecklyn

  8. I’ve been so annoyed by the portrayal of Jackie the Life Coach on “everyone’s new favorite show” Roseanne.
    Yes I can let it go most of the time because people can have their own opinions but now I’m making it known we are FOR REAL.
    Thanks for leading the bad asses.

    1. I saw the character of Jackie as a life coach much the way I see her as a cop. The same way Barney Fife is a cop on Andy Griffith. Its great entertainment and helps us laugh at ourselves for taking our beliefs so seriously. The characters demonstrate this so well.
      I don’t think her portrayal of life coaching will be a detriment to the industry. Our people, will still be our people. If you build it, they will come.