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The Life Coach School Podcast

Connection Circle

Ep #322: Connection Circle

Our views on relationships change as we enter different phases of our lives. From being a child to a student to an adult with a career and even becoming a parent, our desire for different … Read More

Love vs. People Pleasing

Ep #321: Love vs. People Pleasing

How do you know when you unconditionally love someone? Does it feel good inside, or does it feel like resentment? Despite popular belief, unconditional love doesn’t mean doing something for others at your own expense. … Read More

Future Self in Uncertainty

Ep #318: Future Self in Uncertainty

A client I’ve been coaching recently has been struggling with picturing her future self because she feels like the world has changed dramatically during the pandemic. Her thoughts about her future echo the anxieties of … Read More

Mind Visibility

Ep #317: Mind Visibility

A lot of people say that their brains feel more alert lately. That their thoughts seem louder and they’re more aware of them. This isn’t surprising as crises have a way of increasing our thoughts’ … Read More

Q2 2020

Ep #316: Q2 2020

Some of the most common advice in this special time of uncertainty is to “hunker down and wait it out.” This is NOT something that I advocate for. Our power comes from our ability to … Read More

Losing Money

Ep #315: Losing Money

If you’re stressed about money right now, you’re not alone. People are losing money from losing their jobs, their businesses, and the stock market. Perhaps it’s causing you to have regrets about the past and … Read More

What You Can Control

Ep #314: What You Can Control

Take a look at the state of your home right now. Is it messy, cluttered, or in need of a deep clean? Does it even matter? Our homes are a direct reflection of our brains, … Read More

Pre-Traumatic Stress

Ep #313: Pre-Traumatic Stress

I’ve been hearing from lots of frontline healthcare workers and from my coaches who are coaching these heroes about what they’re feeling right now. There’s a lot of fear, worry, and anticipation. The anticipation of … Read More

Moving Forward 6

Moving Forward 6

It’s the final episode in my Moving Forward series and I want to leave you with some high-impact coaching from a recent coaching call. How we think about our thoughts affects our emotions and actions. … Read More

Moving Forward 5

Moving Forward 5

I received a message from one of my coaches that impacted the way I want to move forward. It also impacted the message I want to share with all of you today. She told me … Read More

Moving Forward 4

Moving Forward 4

I’m lucky to be surrounded by a group of amazing and brilliant life coaches who are doubling down for their clients right now. After asking them what kind of wisdom they’ve been sharing with their … Read More

Moving Forward 3

Moving Forward 3

I received an email about the Handling Chaos podcast series I made to help with the uncertainty and anxiety many of us have been feeling. This email made it clear that I missed the mark … Read More

Moving Forward 2

Moving Forward 2

We may be all isolated in our own homes, but we’re going through a lot of the same struggles. So today, I’m sharing one of my recent coaching calls to offer you all a little … Read More

Moving Forward

Moving Forward

We’re moving into a new phase of episodes to help you cope and thrive during the ongoing uncertainty. Over the next several days, I’ll be posting episodes in the Moving Forward series about how to … Read More

Feeling Awful

Ep #312: Feeling Awful

Did you wake up feeling just plain awful today? How did you feel about feeling awful? Those questions may sound redundant but being able to answer them will both liberate you and help you feel … Read More

Handling Chaos 6

Handling Chaos 6

I know a lot of you are feeling unsure about the future of our businesses, finances, health, etc. I want to take this opportunity to remind you that humans are awesome. We were made for … Read More

Handling Chaos 5

Handling Chaos 5

Today, I am sharing a portion of one of my coaching calls from Self Coaching Scholars so that you can all benefit from my coaching around some of the questions that are coming up right … Read More

Handling Chaos 4

Handling Chaos 4

Since a lot of us are being forced to stay home – perhaps with some unexpected family members – and change our normal daily routines, I want to offer you some ideas on how you … Read More

Handling Chaos 3

Handling Chaos 3

Today, I’m talking about abundance and scarcity mindsets and how it is possible to see opportunities for growth and evolution even in the midst of a pandemic. Abundance is not something that is determined by … Read More

Handling Chaos 2

Handling Chaos 2

I want you to take a few minutes out of your day to have something in your brain other than fear and panic. I want you to listen to this special episode and be reminded … Read More

Handling Chaos

Handling Chaos

Over the next several days, I’m going to be releasing a series of special episodes to help any of you who may be feeling brain chaos right now. I’ve got you. I am here to … Read More

The Grind

Ep #311: The Grind

Let’s talk about the grind. Whether you’re a business owner or not, you’re familiar with the grind. It’s that period, usually at the beginning of something, where you are working so hard you fall into … Read More

My Business Model - Brooke Castillo

Ep #310: My Business Model

I get a lot of questions about The Life Coach School, so I’ve been bringing them to the podcast to answer all in one place. This week, I want to give you an inside look … Read More

Ep #309: Emotional Suffering

I was reading a book recently that asked me to describe the main problem I solve in my work. My answer: emotional suffering. The goal of my work is to help people understand that we … Read More

Ep #308: Working as a Coach

I get asked all the time about what it’s like to be a life coach, whether it’s worth it, whether you have to run your own business to be a coach, etcetera. Rather than answering … Read More

Ep #307: Making 100k as a Coach

Making $100K as a coach is a huge milestone. And today, I’m talking to five coaches who recently hit and exceeded the $100K mark, so that if you haven’t gotten there yet you have an … Read More

Ep #306: Monday Hour One

How many of you have said the following: “If I had more time, I could get everything done.” You might have said it to yourself, or to a group of friends. It sounds so legit … Read More

Ep #305: Stop Tolerating

We all buffer in some ways. Many of us have big buffers, like overdrinking, overeating, or people-pleasing. Some of us have worked through one layer of buffering just to discover a new one. I know … Read More

Ep #304: Being Selfish

The idea of selfishness comes up a lot in the world of coaching and self-help. People believe that being selfish is terrible. And they also believe that if you put your needs before the needs … Read More

Ep #303: Cultivating Power

When do you feel powerful? For me, I feel powerful when I’m making decisions. When I’m turning my ideas into reality. When I’m managing my mind and choosing how to react to the world. I … Read More

Brooke Castillo What I'm Doing in 2020 podcast logo

Ep #301: What I’m Doing in 2020

Welcome to a brand-new decade, everyone! It’s a clean slate, and you have the chance to create whatever you’re dreaming of – regardless of anything in the past. I’m personally really looking forward to this … Read More

Ep #300: Taking Action 2.0

I feel so proud of the fact that we’ve made it to episode 300. And I’m blessed to be able to show up in your ears every week, and that you share your time and … Read More

Ep #299: Great Teachers

There have been some incredible teachers in my life who have helped me become the person I am today. As a business owner and as a human, teachers have been and continue to be a … Read More

Ep #298: Talent Stack

There are certain skills and talents we need to have if we want to live our lives at the highest level. We have to be aware of what’s happening in our lives, able to process … Read More

Ep #297: Adversity Quotient

I’ve been coaching my son recently around his mindset around golf. You probably know that golf is a huge mental game. He wants to play at a high level, so that means he’s having to … Read More

Ep #296: Want Match

I want to share a new and sometimes challenging concept for relationships with you today. So many of us want our partners to change in some way. Maybe they do something that annoys you, or … Read More

Ep #295: Pain Now or Later

If you had to choose between feeling pain now or later, which one would you pick? Most of us choose pain later, whether we do so consciously or not. We’d rather buffer away our pain … Read More

Ep #294: How Are You Feeling?

I want to talk today about one of the most important questions we can ask in our relationships. How are you feeling? So often we talk with our friends, our partners, our children, and even … Read More

Ep #292: Working Retreat

I recently hosted a writing retreat with a small group of students, and it was an incredible experience. It was a huge success, but I think we’re going to have to hold a lottery to … Read More

Ep #291: How Greed

Do you ever catch yourself saying, “I would, but I don’t know how”? Or wishing that some guru would just tell you how to make your business work? Or that I would give you a … Read More

Ep #290: Why You Drink with Rachel Hart

There is so much unnecessary suffering around overdrinking. People define themselves by their urges to drink, or strain against these urges so much that there isn’t much space left in their brain for anything else. … Read More

Ep #289: A Hard Why

I made a big mistake this year with one of my mastermind courses. And even though I know it was a mistake, and I knew it halfway through, I still learned a lot from this … Read More

Ep #288: Butterflies Walking

I take my dogs out for a walk every morning, and the other day we came across a butterfly walking on the pavement. I couldn’t understand why it was walking when it had these big, … Read More

Ep #287: Passing Through Neutral

This episode builds on the last one, Pure Circumstance, so if you didn’t listen to it yet, go listen to that first and come back. Today we’re talking about how to apply the concept of … Read More

Ep #286: Pure Circumstance

I love yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques as tools to help me create more in the world. Although I’ve never really felt at home in the idea that I should try to always be in … Read More

Ep #285: Giving It Up

I was chatting with a friend recently about a mindset shift for over-drinking, over-eating, and any other habits that you no longer want to be part of your life. This shift can feel subtle, but … Read More

Ep #284: Antifragile

I learned about the concept of antifragility recently. Something – or someone – that’s antifragile increases its capability to thrive as a result of stressors, setbacks, mistakes, or failures. This idea goes hand-in-hand with the … Read More

Ep #283: Lying About Money

I am dumbfounded about how often people lie about money and how convicted people are about it. Some are afraid to post all of the fun and exciting things they are doing on social media … Read More

Ep #282: Body Thoughts

Most of us think that our experience of the world IS the world itself. In reality, our experience of the world is how we process the world with our mind (thoughts and feelings) and our … Read More

Ep #281: Gifts to My Future Self

Your relationship with your future self is the most important relationship in your life. The stronger this relationship is, the better future you will have. This week, we revisit the concept of the future self … Read More

Ep #280: Success Fun with Jody Moore

People don’t usually think about success and the process of achieving it as being fun. They think that the process will be grueling, filled with blood sweat, and tears. This week on The Life Coach … Read More

Ep #279: Failure Tolerance

I’d like to start by saying that I love all of you! However, this week, get ready for some tough love. Many of you have an extremely low failure tolerance, you give up way too … Read More

Ep #278: Belief Ceilings

In this week’s episode, I’m sharing a brand-new concept that I developed for my upcoming book, and I’m super excited to share it with you. Today we’re talking about belief ceilings – sets of beliefs … Read More

Ep #275: Result Truth

When you look at The Model, you can tell what you’re thinking, feeling, and doing by the results you have. When you tell yourself that you’re doing everything you’re supposed to and still not seeing … Read More

Ep #274: Returning Models

There are models that are yours – caused by your thoughts, feelings, actions and results. And, of course, we want you to become aware of your models, work on them, and take responsibility for them. … Read More

Ep #272: Underearning

Do you define yourself as an underearner? Not sure? In this episode, I help you answer this question and show you what to do about it. On the first part of this two-part series, I’m … Read More

Ep #271: Models on Models

Today, I want to introduce you to a more advanced concept related to The Model. If you’re not familiar with The Model or haven’t benefited from using it, I suggest going back and practicing using … Read More

Ep #270: Lessons from My Teenagers

This week, I have another exciting podcast for you all! On this episode, I am talking to my sons, Christian and Connor Castillo about being teenagers in the Castillo household, and growing up in today’s … Read More

Ep #269 Self Image

We spend A LOT of time managing how other people see us. In fact, for most of us, it’s a full-time job. Almost everything we do – the way we dress, look, drive our cars … Read More

Ep #268: The Capacity to Have

The ability to be with or the capacity to have success is something that we’re really challenged with at all levels of our growth. With my weight loss clients, I watch them struggle with the … Read More

Ep #266: Why Change Is Hard

The reason why we don’t immediately embrace change, and turn into better versions of ourselves, is because change is hard. We don’t want to be uncomfortable. Whether you’re trying to make a million dollars in … Read More

Ep #265: Entrepreneurial Bookkeeping

This week on The Life Coach School podcast, I am excited to welcome my friend, our CFO, and bookkeeper Mark Butler to talk about the ins and outs of entrepreneurial bookkeeping. In this wide-ranging conversation, … Read More

Ep #264: Decision Debt

If you listened to my previous episode on Superthinking, you know that I am a fan of combining two different ideas from completely different areas of life or business. So today, I’d like to share … Read More

Ep #263: The Urge Jar

Welcome to another episode of The Life Coach School Podcast, my friends! Today, I’m SUPER excited to share with you the most effective brain hack that I have ever used on myself and my clients. … Read More

Brooke Castillo Podcast cover

Ep #262: Believing the Model

The Model is one of the tools that I created (based on my studies/observations of existing truths) for myself and my clients to help manage our minds and navigate this life. As I take my … Read More

Ep #261: Throw Away Your To-Do List

There’s this idea that the more successful people are, the busier they become. I don’t agree with this sentiment. In reality, “busier” people are simply sloppy with their time management and there is no direct … Read More

Ep #259: Abundance Assets

Superthinking is a higher level of thinking where you put aside time to think about ideas and concepts and develop them in a way that produces results that you want in your life. If you … Read More

Ep #258: Selling with Stacey Boehman

Selling is an integral part of life. Don’t believe me? Think about all the ways we’re constantly selling ourselves (and others) on ideas, concepts, and actions. You may sell yourself on the idea that it’s … Read More

Ep #256: People Pleased

I do a ton of work with people pleasers in my coaching practice. I’m a recovering people pleaser myself, and I know how damaging that dynamic can be. Today I’m talking about the flip-side of … Read More

Ep #254: Restriction Love

There is an idea in the self-help world that if you restrict something (like food or alcohol or something else) in your life, you will end up overdoing it later. This idea is taught as … Read More

Ep #251: Two Types of Discomfort

Discomfort is the currency to your dreams. If you’ve been listening to my podcast, I’m sure you’ve heard me say those words more than once. And what I mean by that is that in order … Read More

Ep #250: Listener Lessons

Welcome to episode 250 of The Life Coach School Podcast! A few episodes back, I asked you to call in and share your favorite lessons that you learned from listening to this show. And so … Read More

Ep #249: Building a Team

Being an entrepreneur is a privilege of anyone’s lifetime and I am no exception. It gives me the freedom to create the exact business, purpose, time, and money that I want. An important part of … Read More

Ep #248: Superthinking

Most of us live life on default. We live off the programming of our upbringing and our society. We don’t live a conscious, deliberate life. It is only when you start doing thought work and … Read More

Ep #247: The Five Emotional Skills

This week, I’m excited to share the second half of my Modern Emotional Health webinar. If you haven’t listened to the last episode, I highly recommend you go back and listen to it before diving … Read More

Ep #246: Modern Mental Health

My latest “obsession” is the topic of modern mental health and what it means to be emotionally healthy in this day. It’s important to understand that our brain and our cognitive and emotional life is … Read More

Ep #244: Thinking Big

I’ve talked about thinking big on a few previous episodes. One of the reasons why I like talking about this topic a lot is because of the profound emotional management skill it requires. Thinking big … Read More

Ep #243: Normal Eating?

What is normal? How do YOU define normal? Why are we so worried about being normal and doing things that are normal? One of the things that has become “normal” in today’s culture is to … Read More

Ep #242: Depression

I am someone who has had her share of depression… I’ve had experience with clients who have been depressed, as well as a mother and a grandmother who have been “clinically” depressed. Oftentimes, people have … Read More

Ep #241: Emotional Vocabulary

Growing up, nobody ever sits us down and teaches us how to experience emotions. How to describe them. How to understand what we feel in our bodies and associate these feelings with emotions. Distinguishing between … Read More

Ep #240: Lessons from Success

Over the past five years, I have had more success than I ever thought possible. So on this episode of “Lessons from,” I decided to do something a bit different… Today, I want to share … Read More

Ep #239: Neurotransmitters

If we look at our brain’s function at a very basic level, our brain is full of neurons, also called nerve cells, that don’t touch each other. The way these neurons communicate with each other … Read More

Ep #238: Accepting Pain

One of the most important skillsets we can develop in our lifetime is the capacity to feel our emotions. And I believe that pain presents us with an opportunity to deepen our ability to feel. … Read More

Ep #237: How to Fire Someone

Chances are, if you’re an entrepreneur, you will have to fire someone. Same goes for managers and executives. And if you’re neither, there’s a chance that you may be fired. I think this process is … Read More

Ep #236: Compound Effect

Most of us are waiting for the Big Win. We’re waiting for the lottery, for the agent to discover us, or for the book deal to fall in our laps… Fortunately, this is not how … Read More

Ep #235: Obstacle Thoughts

As soon as you set a big goal, like making a certain amount of money, reaching a certain weight, or getting a promotion, your brain will automatically flood you with reasons why that will not … Read More

Ep #234: What Do You Want to Believe?

It’s challenging to believe in something when you don’t have the evidence that it will happen for you. It’s challenging to believe that you’ll create something when the evidence is not stacked in your favor … Read More

Ep #232: The Aligned Model

“Greatness is holding fast to a dream independent of your environment.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza Over the course of this podcast, I’ve talked about The Self Coaching Model a lot. I’ve talked about applying The … Read More

Ep #231: Who Are You Becoming?

For the past couple of years, I’ve been talking a lot about “who you are becoming.” However, when it comes to applying the concepts around this topic, many of you seem to be confused by … Read More

Ep #229: Alternative Futures

I love talking about our future. Our future only exists in our brain, so that means we can have any future that we want. And because of that, I know that my next year will … Read More

Ep #228: Unconscious Negativity

Most people would not describe themselves as negative (even if they are). Many students come to me needing help with negative people in their lives but, in reality, they are the ones who are negative. … Read More

Ep #227: Self-Assault

The definition of assault is an act of a violent physical, emotional, or verbal attack, or in others words, inflicting harm. Most of us (except maybe on rare occasion) would never be found assaulting another … Read More

Ep #226: Believing Hard

On this episode of The Life Coach School, I want to revisit the concept of believing the thoughts that a future you, who already has what you want, would be thinking in order to reach … Read More

Ep #225: Thoughts to Believe

Many of you ask me about the thoughts that I believe and practice on a regular basis. So today, I share ten new thoughts to believe and give you some background on why I think … Read More

Ep #224: Lies We’re Taught

What makes something true or a lie? From an early age, what we are taught as facts line up with the beliefs of our parents and teachers; when we’re young, we don’t have the digression … Read More

Ep #223: Self-Sabotage

“Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping.” – Jordan Peterson This week, I want to talk to you about something that most of us do and are usually quite confused about, believing that … Read More

Ep #222: Discomfort on Purpose

Most people do not like to feel discomfort. The reason why we are not as far as we’d like to be with our goals – whether it’s weight-loss, quitting drinking, building a business – is … Read More

Ep #221: Possibility and Imagination

When talking to most kids, teenagers, and young adults you will notice that they are very future focused. Their lives seem very exciting, they are going places, and they seem to have wonderful momentum. Once … Read More

Ep #220: Lessons from Carol Dweck

“Becoming is better than being.” – Carol S. Dweck This week, we have another “Lessons from” episode. And in this episode, I want to talk to you about the amazing Carol S. Dweck, the author … Read More

Ep #219: Listening Hard

Quite often, when we have conversations with people, we may be listening to what they’re saying, but we’re not really understanding what they mean. Not only can their actual message come out of their mouth … Read More

Ep #217: Organization with Shira Gill

This week, on The Life Coach School podcast, I’m excited to continue our conversation with Shira Gill. Last week, we talked about how so many of us look at our problems (organization and clutter specifically) … Read More

Ep #215: Questions and Answers

This week, I’m super excited to do something fun that we haven’t done on The Life Coach School Podcast in a while. I’m going to read some of the responses from our listeners and answer … Read More

Ep #214: Drama

As human beings, we love drama. We love movies and TV shows with high conflict and high suspense. Many of us even create drama when there is none. We make things way too important, too … Read More

Ep #213: Goal Shame

I always ask my clients and students to set big goals for themselves. Most often, the people around them, as well as their own inner voices, have a lot to say about those goals, causing … Read More

Ep #212: Simple Solutions

Most people spend too much time thinking and talking about their problems and the effects of those problems. This makes these problems overcomplicated, dragged out, and extremely tedious. Over the past 10 or so years, … Read More

Ep #211: Villain Compassion

So much of the human experience is based on good and bad. As human beings, we all fall on a spectrum of our morality and judgment ranging from good to bad or light or dark. … Read More

Ep #209: Minimum Baseline

So many of us struggle with self-discipline, our follow-through, and our integrity because of our conditioning to work for some sort of symbol of approval from someone else. We’ve been conditioned to show up to … Read More

Ep #207: Being a Good Employee

Many of the people that I coach have this idea that when they are working for someone else, they have limited control over the results they are creating. That is the biggest lie that we … Read More

Ep #206: Being Decisive

As human beings, we have the privilege of looking into the future, planning what we are going to do and using our prefrontal cortex to honor that decision. This unique ability allows us to create … Read More

Ep #205: Confident Communication

Communication is a huge part of our daily life; and oftentimes, it can be quite challenging, especially in a professional environment. The messages that we mean to relay to another person can easily get misinterpreted and … Read More

Ep #204: Cognitive Dissonance

Our brain always wants to be right. It wants to prove what it already knows to be true, which gives us a sense of security, comfort, and efficiency. When we begin working on creating new … Read More

Ep #203: How to Not Be Shy

This week, I want to talk to you about shyness. If you consider yourself shy, you’re surely familiar with being overwhelmed being around others, feeling uncomfortable, timid, and insecure. For those of you who view … Read More

Ep #202: Confirmation Bias

“What the human being is best at doing is interpreting all new information so that their prior conclusions remain intact.” -Warren Buffet Imagine that you’re in love with your mate and you think that they … Read More

Ep #201: Wisdom from Ryan Moran

Welcome back to The Life Coach School Podcast! This week, I actually had a different podcast planned for you all. However, I recently heard Ryan Daniel Moran’s powerful message, and I absolutely had to share … Read More

Ep #199: Other People’s Opinions

Too many people spend their lives trying to control other people’s opinions. It’s a TERRIBLE idea! Simply put, you cannot control other people’s opinions about you. As a society, we are deeply influenced by what … Read More

Ep #197: Urges

Many of my students give in to confusion when it comes to managing their urges. Any sort of buffering behavior that you engage in – overeating, overdrinking, escaping to the world of social media or … Read More

Ep #196: My Plan for 2018

Today, I’m very excited to talk to you about my plans for 2018, and also, share my thoughts about the importance of planning ahead. I think that way too many of you are locked into … Read More

Ep #194: The Worst that Can Happen

When most people think about setting their goals and things that they want to accomplish, they often freak out and give up on those goals because of the worst-case scenario. What is the worst that … Read More

Ep #192: A Year in Review

This week, I’m excited to talk to you about an exercise that will help you make strides in your life and business. I am a firm believer in at least once a year reflecting back … Read More

Ep #190: Lessons from Frank Kern

This week, I am really excited to bring you another episode of “Lessons from” where I talk about one of my teachers who had a huge impact on my work and business. Today, I’m talking … Read More

Ep #189: The Balance of FEELINGS

This week, we continue our series on mastering our emotional balance as we delve into what it really means to have a full human experience. In this session, we go through the extensive list of … Read More

Ep #188: The Contrast of THOUGHTS

This week, we continue our conversation about emotional management and dive deeper into my theory that a good balance of feelings in our life is 50-50 – half negative and half positive. And in this … Read More

Ep #187: Neutrality of CIRCUMSTANCES

This month on the podcast, and in Self Coaching Scholars, we’re working on emotional management. The main idea behind this practice is that life presents us with neutral circumstances and we choose to interpret them positively … Read More

Ep #185: Saying Goodbye

When you have things in your life that you don’t love and you don’t use, you start to feel burdened by them. Many of us have things that aren’t serving us – things that we … Read More

Ep #184: Organize Your Mind

This month in the Self Coaching Scholars program, we’re working on organization. The main themes we’re covering will revolve around the importance of keeping an organized mind in order to have an organized life. So, … Read More

Ep #182: The Truth about Burnout

Most of us associate time and energy with money. We believe that effort creates money, and we think that burnout is caused by working too many hours or working too hard. This couldn’t be farther … Read More

Ep #181: Proactivation

Most of us are great at procrastinating when it comes to things that will give us long-term pleasure. On the other hand, we love doing things that give us instant gratification and short-term pleasure. Procrastination … Read More

Ep #180: Lessons from My Business

As you may know, every 10 episodes I do a special edition episode that highlights the lessons I learned from my teachers or my own experiences. This week, I decided to talk about the lessons … Read More

Ep #179: Productivity

This year, without a doubt, has been the most productive year for me. So, this week, I’m excited to talk to you about productivity. Productivity is all about what you produce; it’s about results. It’s … Read More

Ep #178: Being Coached

Of all the things we can spend our money on, mental health needs to be at the top of our list… Not our car, our house, vacations or entertainment. Our mental health determines how we … Read More

Ep #175: Problems Are Forever

If you’ve been following my podcast this year, you probably already heard that this has been the most amazing year for me, personally and in my business. I’m exactly in the place where I wanted … Read More

Ep #174: Questions and Answers

This week on The Life Coach School Podcast, I’m answering the questions that you’ve sent in over the past few months. Join me as I talk through listener issues on topics like choosing an ideal … Read More

Ep #173: Future Focus

Your brain loves to make decisions from your past. Over many years of human evolution, the mind has adapted to be drawn toward things that are predictable in order to keep us safe from the … Read More

Ep #172: Past Focus Problems

If you’re in Self Coaching Scholars, you already know that during the month of July, we’re working on changing our past. In our most downloaded episode to date, episode 33, we begin this conversation of … Read More

Ep #171: Therapy vs Coaching

On this week’s episode of The Life Coach School Podcast, we’re taking a look at the key differences between conventional therapy and life coaching and the types of issues that are best suited for each … Read More

TLCS Special Edition: Overwhelm

This week, I’m excited to bring you another special edition of The Life Coach School Podcast on an issue that so many of us experience on a daily basis – overwhelm. In today’s society, we … Read More

Ep #169: My Human Life

Knowing that we are all finite beings and we’re all going to die, have you ever thought of what you want to do with your human life? Have you thought of what really matters to … Read More

Ep #168: Rejection

From a really young age, we’ve been programmed to seek approval.  Approval tells us that we are worthy and are on the “right track.” We constantly try to get approval from others and do everything … Read More

Ep #167: Self-Confidence

I feel like self-confidence is something that everyone wants but not everyone is actively trying to create. What is it about self-confidence that makes it an attractive feeling, a way of being, and ultimately, an … Read More

Ep #166: Difficult Conversations

Most of us have no idea how to communicate without blame, frustration, defensiveness, or justification. We have a primal need to be right at all costs. This often costs us peace and, at times, even … Read More

Ep #165: How to Be a Good Mate

We have many expectations when it comes to our life partners. We believe that our mates complete us and make us happy. They must also make us attracted, turned on, and in love. And if … Read More

Ep #164: Love 2.0

Love is one of the most amazing and powerful things that we do, feel, and create in our lives. All of us just want to be loved… Remembering this idea will change your perspective on … Read More

Ep #163: Boundaries 2.0

Today, we kick off the new month of episodes with the topic of boundaries. If you haven’t yet heard the first episode I’ve done on boundaries and would like to get some help with the … Read More

Ep #161: Money Beliefs

I love money. Money allows us to do many amazing, fun, and helpful things. It can also help us solve A LOT of problems. Many of us think that the pursuit of money makes us … Read More

Ep #158: Beliefs

“A belief is just a thought you keep thinking.” – Abraham-Hicks One of the biggest realizations that I have had over the past six months is that we can believe anything we want. There are … Read More

Bonus Episode: Impress Yourself

Welcome to the Bonus Episode of The Life Coach School podcast! Most of the time, we don’t take enough time to be impressed with ourselves and our capabilities. We don’t take the time to be impressed … Read More

Ep #157: Thought Creation

Many of us think that we are always at the effect of our lives. We think that life just happens to us. However, what The Self-Coaching Model teaches us is that we are really at … Read More

Ep #156: Blame

On this episode of The Life Coach School podcast, we’re talking about one of the worst things that you can do to yourself – assign responsibility to someone else – in other words, blame. One … Read More

Ep #155: Negativity

This week, we’re taking a deep dive into the topic of negativity. So many of us are negative without even noticing we are doing it. We don’t realize the negative things that run through our … Read More

Ep #154: Apathy

This week, I want to talk about something that I see quite a bit in my clients – apathy. I often notice my clients slipping this state of indifference without even noticing that they are … Read More

Ep #153: Hope is a Problem

Many of my clients believe that hope is a positive emotion and a concept. However, the way they think about hope and use it in their lives actually hurts them. Hope is deceptive. Hope doesn’t … Read More

Ep #152: Fear

On this episode of The Life Coach School podcast, we’re talking about an emotion that is responsible for most of what we don’t do in our lives – fear. Historically, fear has helped us, as … Read More

Ep #151: Self-Pity

As we move into the month of February, we’re kicking off a new series of podcasts on the topic of emotion. In this particular episode, we’re talking about something that most of us have experienced, … Read More

Ep #149: Confidence as a Byproduct

Have you ever wondered how successful people built up enough confidence to accomplish great things in their lives? The reason why I’m always pushing you to evolve and asking you to set and keep commitments … Read More

Ep #148: Mind Over Matter

I think it’s amazing that we, as human beings, have the privilege to believe whatever we want. No one can tell us what to believe about ourselves, about what we’re capable of, and what our … Read More

Ep #147: How Quitting Slows You Down

“It’s a slow process, but quitting won’t speed it up.” There’s only a very small percentage of people in the world that work on making commitments and following through, increasing their confidence, and increasing their … Read More

Ep #146: Compelling Reason

I’ve recently discovered that one of the strongest indicators of success is resilience. During our conversation with my life coaching students about what might be the difference between being successful and unsuccessful in the coaching … Read More

Ep #144: Forgiveness

The lack of (and the need for) forgiveness is one of the biggest challenges that many of us face. There is a huge misunderstanding when it comes to forgiveness. When most of us think about … Read More

Ep #143: Anger

I think that most of us feel as if we are well justified in our anger when there is an “injustice.”  We believe that some things or situations are anger worthy. When we’re angry and … Read More

Ep #142: Questions and Answers

Welcome to another Questions and Answers episode where I answer questions on a variety of topics that you asked in the comments of previous episode posts. This week, we cover a lot of ground and … Read More

Ep #141: Study Yourself

So many of us have accepted a life that is not to our liking – a life that includes too many things that cause us an enormous amount of trouble that we don’t know how … Read More

Ep #139: Someone to Love

In my most recent in-person training, we had two students who were having trouble with their husbands. They were frustrated and felt like their marriages could be better. After I got done coaching one of … Read More

Ep #138: Feeling On Purpose

During our recent Master Coach retreat, we talked a lot about buffering, eliminating buffering from our reality, and living a buffer-free life. That got me thinking about another powerful concept that I would like to … Read More

Spread the Love

I’ve been hearing from many of you that you love The Life Coach School podcast and that you would like to help us grow by leaving us an iTunes review. However, leaving a review can … Read More

Ep #137: The Case for Pain

Something that I’ve been talking a lot about with my Stop Overeating and Stop Overdrinking clients lately is pain and how we overindulge in things that give us artificial pleasure in order to avoid it. … Read More

Ep #136: Thought Loops

One of the things that I’ve been working on recently is the concept of what I call “thought loops.” Essentially, a thought loop is a thought error that tends to happen in our brain and … Read More

Ep #135: Why Growing Matters

Along the theme of the past few podcasts about evolving and going after the hard things in life, I’m answering a few important questions that are sure to sell you on this concept: Why does … Read More

Ep #134: Hedonism

As I’ve mentioned in the previous episode, lately, I’ve been focusing on the question of why we should practice self-control, self-discipline, willpower, and aim to achieve our dreams. Why does achieving your dreams matter? That … Read More

Ep #133: Well-Being vs Pleasure

Over the past couple of episodes, I’ve been focusing on the idea of why we should bother with doing all of this hard work – feeling negative emotions and pursuing the life free of “yummy,” … Read More

Ep #132: Stop Buffering

I talk a lot about the idea of buffering and how it is one of those things that we do in order to not fully experience our lives. And the reason why we don’t want … Read More

Ep #128: Minimalism

If you’re a new listener of the show and you don’t know this about me yet, at one point in my life, I sold everything that I owned, that wouldn’t fit into our minivan, jumped … Read More

Ep #127: Appropriate Discomfort

“Nothing can be more functional than an internal warning system among people. And nothing can be more dysfunctional than to ignore the warning or take the edge off.” – Marianne Williamson I recently learned about … Read More

Ep #126: The Power of Planning

This week we continue with another “light” topic for all of you to think about this summer (or during any other season if you’re listening to this episode at a later date). And today, we cover … Read More

Ep #125: Acceptance vs Giving Up

So many of us give up on important things we’ve been working on way too early and call it acceptance. So how do you know when we’re quitting something or just accepting reality? Most of … Read More

Ep #122: Questions and Answers

Welcome to another Questions and Answers episode where I answer questions on a variety of topics that you asked in the comments of past episode posts. I know it’s been a while since we’ve done … Read More

Ep #121: Friday Coach Like

This week, I have a special treat for all of you! On this episode, I’m reading some of the pieces that I have written over the past year in my Friday Coach Like weekly emails. … Read More

Ep #119: Emotional Manipulation

Today, we’re taking a look at an interesting topic that was requested by one of my good friends and one that many of you have asked questions about – emotional manipulation. As I was researching … Read More

Ep #118: Stop Overdrinking Part 3

That’s right, folks…This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for over the past couple of weeks – the concluding part of our three-part series on how to stop overdrinking. This is the part where … Read More

Ep #116: Stop Overdrinking Part 1

Since I’ve launched The Life Coach School podcast, I’ve had an overwhelming amount of requests for an episode on the topic of stopping overdrinking. This week, I’m really excited to invite you along on a … Read More

Ep #115: Generosity

There are so many people who constantly feel resentful, worried, and full of scarcity. I truly believe that generosity is the answer to that problem. Often, people associate generosity with someone who has a lot … Read More

Ep #114: Creating Confidence

One of THE BIGGEST issues that so many of my students struggle with is confidence. And for a good reason. The way that our brain is wired since birth is not conducive to create confidence. … Read More

Ep #113: Creating Passion

One of the questions that I get asked a lot is, “How do I find my passion and my purpose?” I feel like there have been a lot of books written on that subject as … Read More

Ep #112: Post-Traumatic Growth

One of the things that I noticed when working with clients with post-traumatic stress is that they have a really difficult time getting past it. Post-traumatic stress is a type of a reaction that happens … Read More

Ep #111: Making Money

If you’ve been listening to The Life Coach School podcast for a while, you probably already know that I love money. I openly talk about it and often freak people out. I strongly believe that … Read More

Ep #109: Pre-Frontal Power

Today, we’re talking about the most evolved part of us, as humans, and what separates us from animals – the prefrontal cortex. It is the part of our brain responsible for personality expression, decision making, … Read More

Ep #107: When Something Sucks

Originally, this episode was supposed to be on the topic of visualization. However, the past week completely rocked my world and I’ve been dealing with what I call “a sucker punch to the gut” –  … Read More

Ep #106: Knowing vs Not Knowing

One of the main issues that I experience with my clients and students is their knee-jerk reaction to “I don’t know.” One of the rules that I have with everyone that I work with is … Read More

Ep #105: Weight Loss – Desire

One of the most important things that has come out of my work with myself and my clients in the Stop Overeating Masterclass is the understanding of the difference between stopping over eating and stopping … Read More

Ep #104: Weight Loss – Discomfort

If you’re an emotional overeater, you’re probably very familiar with the desire to never feel discomfort. We, as emotional overeaters, always want to get our comfort and we always want to get it from food. … Read More

Ep #103: The Process of Change

A few episodes ago, we started talking about the process of making changes in our lives. Today, we continue this conversation about wanting to change from one model to another and look at this process … Read More

Ep #102: What Do You Want To Create?

I love the question, “What do you want to create?” When I ask people what they want, oftentimes, they begin thinking of the things that the universe can provide for them rather than thinking about … Read More

Ep #99: Acceptance Requires Effort

“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.” – Eckhart Tolle I think, a lot of times when we think of acceptance, we … Read More

Ep #98: Questions and Answers

You asked – we answered! On this episode of The Life Coach School podcast, we have another questions & answers session where we dive into a wide range of topics from teaching children manners to … Read More

Ep #97: Balancing Emotion

One of the themes that has come up quite a bit with my students who are trying to lose weight is the complete avoidance of negative emotion. Many of them believe that we are supposed … Read More

Ep #96: What Feels Good

Recently on the Life Coach School Podcast, we’ve been talking a lot about feelings, mainly because of what I’m doing in our Stop Overeating Masterclass and how immersed I am in the topic on a … Read More

Ep #95: What Prevents Joy

“Pleasure is always derived from something outside you, whereas joy arises from within.” ― Eckhart Tolle A lot of us have been sold the idea that joy should be as easy as pleasure and that … Read More

Ep #94: How to Practice Thinking

One of the things I talk with my students about is thinking new thoughts. Your thoughts create your feelings. Feelings create your actions. Your actions create your results. Most of us want to think new … Read More

Ep #93: Two Types of Emotions

There are many types of emotions that we experience in our daily lives. However, the way that I like to categorize them is into two opposite types – energy-producing and energy-depleting emotions. This type of … Read More

Ep #92: How to Feel

Yes, folks… on this episode of The Life Coach School, we’re talking about how to feel. Although we all think that feeling feelings is a no-brainer, most of us don’t know how to actually experience … Read More

Ep #91: Interview with Andrea Hanson

On this episode of The Life Coach School Podcast, I’m very excited to welcome one of my most amazing master coaches, colleagues, and dear friends, Andrea Hanson. Andrea works specifically with people who have a … Read More

Ep #90: Learned from Geneen Roth

“You are not a mistake. You are not a problem to be solved. But you won’t discover this until you are willing to stop banging your head against the wall of shaming and caging and … Read More

Ep #89: Diets

As many of you probably already know, I’ve been teaching a course called Stop Overeating Masterclass. One of the themes that came up a lot when I was selling the course and was talking to … Read More

Ep #88: So What?

What you tell your brain is important directs what it looks for and focuses on, causing it to disregard everything else. That is a function of the brain that safeguards itself from focusing on everything … Read More

Ep #87: Discipline

When we think about discipline, some think about disciplining themselves and others think about disciplining their children. Most people don’t have a problem disciplining their kids, but, on the other hand, they have quite a … Read More

Ep #86: Do Goals

On previous episodes, we’ve talked about “Do Goals” and outcomes. I’ve been using them so regularly, to a point where they’ve become automatic for me and created a high level of productivity in my life. … Read More

Ep #85: Constraint

A year ago, I took an amazing class called “9o-Day Year” from a coach Todd Herman. As a coach, what Todd does is he comes in and subtracts things from our lives in order to … Read More

Ep #84: Showing Up

One of the things I often talk to my students about when we’re discussing being professional coaches is how important it is to show up both mentally and physically. I encourage them to show up … Read More

Ep #83: Model Mistakes

As you may already know, I just recently finished our in-person coach training. One of the things that came as a surprise for me during the training was that a lot of the people who … Read More

Ep #82: What Should I Tolerate?

Today, we’re talking about an interesting topic that many of our listeners have asked me about on many occasions – what we should tolerate in our lives and why. Tune in to this episode of … Read More

Ep #80: Lessons from Stephen Cope

As we reach another round number, episode 80, it is again the time to talk about one of my teachers that has had a great impact on me. On the episode of The Life Coach School, we’re taking … Read More

Ep #79: Interview with Molly Freestone

Today, you’re in for a very special treat! Our today’s guest is Molly Freestone. Molly is one of my amazing students, one of my colleagues and friends. Molly’s coaching specialty is working with mothers. On this … Read More

Ep #78: When Someone Hates You

Whether it’s in your professional life, or personal, most of you probably have had an experience where someone at some point in your life hated you. It could have been someone at your job, in … Read More

Ep #75: Toxic People

Many folks out there get negatively affected by how certain other people behave and what they do. They believe that these people’s energies and actions are somehow toxic to them or everyone around them. Well, … Read More

Ep #74: Indulgent Emotions

In previous episodes, we’ve talked about indulgent emotions quite a bit, but I believe that it’s always good to have a refresher for most important topics such as this one. Even my most masterful coaches, … Read More

Ep #73: Questions and Answers

It’s that time again folks! You asked me questions about coaching yourself or others; and today, I’m answering them on our Questions and Answers episode. On this episode, you’ll hear about topics like how to … Read More

Ep #70: Lessons Learned from Dan Sullivan

“Most people think happiness is a by-product of their circumstances, beyond their control, but truly happy people don’t react to the world; they create it with a mindset that automatically seeks out the most positive … Read More

Ep #68: Make Yourself Proud

I remember the challenging moment when I set some boundaries with my mom, sitting her down and reading her my letter… It was such a difficult thing to do and I was so terrified to … Read More

Ep #67 Dealing With Regret

“A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.” ― John Barrymore A lot of people come to me with many regrets about what they’ve done or haven’t done in the past … Read More

Ep #66: Questions and Answers 3

Welcome to another Questions and Answers episode, where I answer questions on a variety of topics that you asked in the comments. Today, I pull back the curtain on some of the exciting stuff that … Read More

Ep #65: Self-Loathing

Self-Loathing (noun): loathing of oneself / self-hatred Whether because of the way our body looks or the way we handle (or don’t handle) certain tasks or social situations, we often tend to fall into cycles … Read More

Ep #63: Dreams and Desires

One of the things I always talk about with my students is how important it is to go into your mind and see what’s going on in there. In order to help accomplish this, I … Read More

Ep #61: Questions and Answers 2

It is time for another Q & A episode, where I answer your questions that you submitted previously! Listen in as we dig into some of the topics that you, our loyal listeners, have asked to … Read More

Ep #60: Lessons from Abraham

“The best gift you could ever give your children is your own happiness.” –Abraham-Hicks It is time again for another “Lessons from” show about one (or I should say, a group) of the teachers who had … Read More

Ep #59: Ease vs. Evolving

Recently, I’ve been thinking and teaching a lot about the topic of ease vs. evolving.  There’s a common misconception among life coaches that building a business should feel easy, and if it’s something that you’re … Read More

Ep #58: Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is one of those things that ultimately determines whether you’re going to be highly successful in your life or not. When you look at people who have genuine self-confidence, you just know that they … Read More

Ep #57: Interview with Kelly McCormick

This episode of The Life Coach School is another first – it’s our very first interview episode! Today, our guest on the show is an incredible woman and coach, Kelly McCormick. Kelly is an expert when it … Read More

Ep #56: Questions and Answers

As I mentioned at the beginning of this podcasting year, I am adding two more episodes a month – one of them being a questions and answers show. So if you would like to get … Read More

Ep #55: Drama

When we think about drama, we usually think of people who make up stories and talk behind each other’s backs to try to create drama where it is unnecessary. We often associate it with teenage girls … Read More

Ep #54: Useful Emotions

I always strive to continuously grow and expand my knowledge base as well as my wisdom, by studying different teachers. Some of the most important work that I have done on myself within the past … Read More

Ep #53: Ambition

Today, we’re talking about a topic that has been coming up a lot lately, and that is “Ambition.” As I was researching this topic, I noticed that some people believe that ambition is a negative … Read More

Ep #51: How to Not Be Stuck

As most of you probably know, I hold a weekly free public call where anyone can join, and I coach anyone who needs coaching on any topic they are interested in on the fly. On our last … Read More

Ep #48: Morning Thoughts

During my coaching sessions, and even with friends, I’ve been talking quite a bit to people about their thinking in the morning. As we wake up, we automatically get barraged by thoughts, many of which … Read More

Ep #47: Change and Your Brain

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could decide to make a positive change in our life, like working out or eating correctly, start immediately, and never look back? What if we had no resistance to … Read More

Ep #46: Self-Worth and Responsibility

There are many folks out there who constantly struggle with how they think about themselves based on their past experiences, which ultimately results in lowered self-worth. But is it really how self-worth works? Here’s a … Read More

Ep #45: Intuition?

Most often, my clients tell me that they make certain drastic decisions and changes in their lives based on their intuition. However, a lot of times what we think is intuition, is actually simply negative … Read More

Ep #44: A Year of Self-Coaching

A lot of our listeners mention in their comments that they love the content presented on the show. They love the concepts I talk about, they love The Model, it all sense to them, but … Read More

Ep #43: Answers

Today, we’re doing something a little different from our usual show format. I recently held a webinar for our entire mailing list and was blown away by how many people attended! One of the things I … Read More

Ep #42: Creating Emotion

One of my students has recently told me that she wasn’t feeling motivated or inspired or didn’t have the emotion that she needed in order to accomplish what she needed to do. She also mentioned that … Read More

Ep #39: Friday Coach Like

In this first episode of this new year, 2015, I decided to do something a bit different. As all of my email subscribers know, every Friday I send out a weekly newsletter called “Friday Coach … Read More

Ep #38: Self-Appreciation

Many times when the topic of self-appreciation comes up, we tend to roll our eyes at the subject for one reason or another. However, it is crucial to take the time to stop and appreciate … Read More

Ep #37: How You Hurt Your Feelings

On the previous episodes, we’ve talked quite a bit about our feelings and how our thoughts control them. Today, we continue this discussion and delve into why others can’t hurt our feelings and how exactly we … Read More

Ep #36: Blame vs. Responsibility

Today, we’re looking into an extremely important topic – the difference between blame and responsibility. As we already established in a number of previous shows, all feelings are always self-generated. Coming back to the topic … Read More

Ep #35: How to Believe New Things

As we are growing up, we are conditioned to believe certain things and see the world in a certain light. For many of us, the things we have been taught to think about ourselves are usually … Read More

Ep #34: No Hard Days

There are many people out there who expect everything in their life to always flow to them with ease. They expect to glide through each day without experiencing any obstacles and bumps in the road.  When … Read More

Ep #33: How to Change Your Past

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to change your past? The answer to this question is…(drum roll please)…Yes, it is! This is some of the most important work that I do with many … Read More

Ep #32: Weight Loss Tools

On this episode of the Life Coach School podcast, we are getting into some of the most effective weight loss and weight management tools. Even if you don’t have any issues with weight and are … Read More

Ep #31: Being More Likable

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” ― Dita Von Teese Most of us out there want to feel accepted, liked and … Read More

Ep #30: Lessons from Pema Chodron

Welcome to the 30th episode of the Life Coach School podcast! As many of you know, every 10 episodes, we talk about one of most influential authors and their teachings that head a great impact … Read More

Ep #29: How to Feel

On this episode of the Life Coach School podcast, we are diving deep into the topic of feelings and why we should learn to experience every last one of them. Feelings are vibrations in our … Read More

Ep #27: Unconditional Love

This week, I am talking to you about one of the most incredible feelings that you could ever experience – unconditional love. This is one of the most selfish (in a good way) ways for you to … Read More

Ep #25: Emotional Adulthood

This week, I am talking to you about a concept that has developed for me over the years of life coaching and teaching – emotional childhood and emotional adulthood. The idea behind this concept is … Read More

Ep #24: Money Problems

Have you ever felt like money is one aspect of your life that is causing you issues and additional stress? Well, you’re in luck! Based on many requests from our listeners, this week, we are … Read More

Ep #23: Challenging Relationships

Thanks to a request from another listener who is struggling with her marriage, as well as some questions about co-worker interactions, friendships and teenage kids from our other listeners, we are diving into the topic of … Read More

Ep #22: Self Doubt

One of the most common misconceptions about highly successful people is that once they reach high level of success, the work is over and they don’t doubt themselves any longer, like we do. The reality is, … Read More

Ep #21: Jealousy

Thanks to another great listener email, this week we are going to discuss the topic of jealousy. Sam wrote in asking about how to deal with this negative emotion that drains us and adds to … Read More

Ep #19: Thought Management

I get a lot of comments and emails from you guys on the topic of managing your thinking. A lot of the work that I do with my students is actually revolves around managing their thoughts. Most … Read More

Ep #18: Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to lose weight and keep it off? Thanks to one of our listener’s comments, this week, we are discussing the topic of weight loss and the … Read More

Ep #16: Massive Action

Too often, we all get stuck in a passive action cycle. We consume massive amounts of information on a daily basis that is not actually doing anything to help us reach our goals. Like many of you, I love learning! … Read More

Ep #15: Other People’s Opinions

Time and time again, I watch people twist themselves into a life that they don’t desire because of their idea of what other people might think about them or their actions. Sadly, these people miss … Read More

Ep #14: Overcoming Anxiety

One of the most common issues that I get asked about on regular basis is anxiety. As a matter of fact, majority of the emails I get are based around this topic. I’ve been dealing … Read More

Ep #13: Success vs. Happiness

Many people out there strongly believe that happiness comes from a certain level of success that they will achieve at some point in their life. In reality, the relationship between happiness and success is much more … Read More

Ep #12: Boundaries

Most often people get confused about what boundaries are and what they are not.  In this episode, we will set the record straight by looking at the difference between this amazing tool for creating intimacy and … Read More

Ep #11: The Manual

Whether we know it or not, most of us have manuals that we have “written” for other people in our lives on what they should do and how they should behave. Most often these people … Read More

Ep #10: Byron Katie Lessons

This week, we are going to do something a little different. Every 10 episodes I will share with you one of my favorite teachers and what they’ve taught me. On this episode, I will be … Read More

Ep #8: Owning Negative Emotion

Probably one of the most important pieces of life coaching and weight coaching is figuring out how to own your negative emotions. The ability and willingness to feel negative emotions can be very difficult and … Read More

Ep #7: Questions to Ask Yourself

The questions that we ask ourselves are most often the most powerful tools we can use in our lives; and if you are a coach, these questions are the best tools you can use with your clients. … Read More

Ep #5 Overcoming Fear

One of the most popular and extremely important topics I discuss with life coaches is fear and how to overcome it. Most people bring up fear as it is just a given. They use it … Read More

Ep #4: How to Fail

Every day we speak to people about their goals and how to succeed. However, most people never achieve their goals because they are afraid to fail. On this week’s episode we are talking about the … Read More

Ep #3: How to Set Goals

Our purpose on this planet is to become the best version of ourselves. On this week’s episode we are going to talk about the importance of setting goals in our lives, and what it takes to … Read More

Ep #2: How to Feel Better

One of the fundamental questions that almost everyone asks us is how to feel better. On this week’s episode, we are going to talk about what it takes to feel exactly the way that you … Read More