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Questions Change Everything


Right now I am in Hawaii with my family.

I am truthfully having the time of my life.

I watched my son surf this morning while drinking my second cup of coffee. It doesn’t get better.

I came here when I was younger and  missed the experience and didn’t even know it.

I was obsessed with my weight and food.

Each day, back then, I would ask myself questions. They sounded like this:

How much do I weigh?

Does my butt look big in this bathing suit?

What will they think of my body?

Why am I so fat?

How many calories in a plain bagel?

How much do I weigh?

Who on this beach has the best body?

How long should I lay on each side to get the perfect tan?

Where can we eat that has plain fish and dry vegetables?

What on this menu has the fewest calories?

Where is the treadmill and how long can I run on it?

How much do I weigh?

How long do I have to run tomorrow to work off that dinner?

Why don’t I have any self control? I can’t believe I had that dessert.

How much do I weigh?

That. Was my mind in Hawaii.

Now, that I am older and have done more work on myself, the questions have changed.

This is what my mind asks now:

How do I feel?

Who here looks interesting to meet?

What makes the water here so blue?

Where is the most beautiful place to eat?

What would be fun to do?

Where can I take a hike?

Why am I so lucky?

What is the freshest and most delicious thing on the menu?

Can I swim to that buoy? How many fish, turtles, crabs will I see with these goggles?

What can we all learn while we are here?

I was walking on the beach today with nothing but a bikini pondering this.

I was deep in thought.

When I glanced up- two feet in front of me was a Hawaiian Monk Seal. He was huge.

There wasn’t another person anywhere near us.

In one split second..he looked at me. I looked at him.

I jumped about twenty feet in the air.

So did he.

We had scared the ever living life out of each other.

I ran away so I wouldn’t scare him any further,  and he frantically bounced himself back to the water.

Once he was safe, he stared at me from the water for a long time. I stared back.

It was a stunning moment.

As I walked away, I thought about how I would have missed it if I had been in the gym on the treadmill.

What are you missing because you are asking the wrong questions?