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Brooke Castillo

Quitting Something You’re Good at Doing


It seems everyone who interviews Michael Phelps wants him to keep swimming.

But he’s clearly over it.

It’s hard to watch someone with so much talent-not continue to use it.

But I think it’s even harder for the person who wants to quit

I quit a job at Nordstrom when I was 20.  I had just been named top salesperson in the Fashion Jewelry Department.

I quit a job at Hewlett Packard when I was 25 shortly after being promoted twice and getting a perfect review.

I will never forget my coworker saying to me, I cannot believe you are quitting!  I would never quit this job, and I only have 15 years until I retire.

Staying in that job would have smothered my soul.  It was the wrong job for me, even though I was making amazing money and doing very well.

Quitting was what I needed to do to become eventually more successful and way more happy.

A huge mistake many of us make is we confuse being  successful with fulfilled.  Just because you are really good at what you do, does not mean it’s what you should be doing with your life.

Just because it is difficult to quit something you get lots of applause for, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

You don’t have to hate your job, your business, your boss, or your co-workers to want to quit.  You don’t even have to dislike it.  You just have to know there is something different and better for you.

Only you can know what you are meant to do with your life.

And you know, by how you feel deep down when no one is looking.

Not by how big your paycheck or title happens to be. Not by how much they want you to stay.

But by how much you want to do something else.