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Brooke Castillo


This is a post I wrote on the forum of the Life Coach Training currently in session.  I thought some of you might also like reading it.


Hey Team,

Sometimes I want to quit being a coach. A student. A teacher.

And when I say sometimes- I mean once a week.


I want to give it all up and get a job as a waitress.


I tell you this because when you become a coach you might feel the same way.

You might get tired of clients thrashing about at you

You might get upset when they get upset

You might want to die when someone says your coaching isn't a good “fit” for them


I wonder about putting my computer in a fish tank

I wonder about forgetting my email address

I wonder about people who don't take responsibility for their lives


And then I don't quit.

And I live this life that is more like a dream than reality.

Until the next week when I want to quit.


There's wanting to quit.

And there's quitting.


Before I send you out into the world of entrepreneurship and coaching – I really want to make sure you know the difference.

One's a thought – the other one's an action.