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Before the call, make sure your camera, microphone, internet access, and environment are ready to go. We want to see your face and get to know you personally. If you dial in on your phone, you cannot be coached live. If there is a great deal of background noise, we will need to move on to someone else. You can find additional instructions on how to configure and test your video and audio settings by clicking the Instructions button below.

If your name is called, you will click the “raise hand” icon so we can find you and bring you on live. You will be coached to best benefit you and the entire group. Each person does not receive the same amount of time for this reason.

The coach will go through the coaching requests and get to as many as they can. If you're not coached this time, please don't hesitate to submit your request again or post your question on Ask A Coach.

If you can't attend the call for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible by e-mailing