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Why You Should Join Scholars Q&A Call


“I’ve become so much more organized with my time, my physical space, my habits, and my mind. I feel healthier, happier, more empowered, and more confident than I did before.”
– Pam Howard

“I can’t say enough good things about Self Coaching Scholars. It has changed my life. It has love, compassion, skills, tools, and anything anyone could need to find and take the next steps in their life.”
– Rodney Jones

“I have tried support groups, therapy, and all health care options. The Scholars work is what finally transformed my anxiety, and this is not an exaggeration. My skin is considerably clearer, I look younger! Food is so easy now (I love this), I lost 50 pounds. My confidence is so much greater than I ever imagined – I have taken larger risks!”
– Anna Rodrigues

“I am 48 yrs old and I am now my own best friend. Who’s got my back? I do! It is priceless. What I have learned from Self Coaching Scholars has changed me and my entire life in deep, profound ways.”
– Emily Claver

“Self Coaching Scholars has transformed my life. Not only am I happier (and healthier), but I also feel in total control of my life. Between the live coaching calls, Ask Brooke, the video training and manuals… I have EVERYTHING I need to create my best life. My only regret is that I didn’t join the moment I heard about it. But now that I’m in – and “get it” – I’m never leaving!”
– Jeff Gardner

“Without your program, I would likely have lived the rest of my life with sub-optimal mental and physical health. I would have never known how much better my life could be. My frequent cycles of depression are almost gone! I finally got down to the “skinny” clothes I was saving from 15 years ago, and they are too big! I can wear a bikini! I am much happier in my marriage. I am a much kinder and more patient mother. I know that everyone is doing the best they can, including me.”
– Ivy Sun

“I carry around Brookes' writings in my wallet: “Nothing has gone wrong. This is for you. You win from this. You've got this. All is well”. Those 5 phrases feel so true for me now at a core level, whereas before Self Coaching Scholars they felt intellectually clear but not internalized. Those sentences now live inside me.”
– Claudia M Chang

“I have never felt more successful at being a mom. When my baby was born I wasn't sure I could do it. I fought to control this tiny human and was just waiting for things to be better. I've never felt more myself and I feel prepared to handle anything and really show up in this world. I feel like there is so much possibility.”
– Jami Scott

“Brooke promised a different life in one year. At the time I thought that was a lovely thought, but we would see…. now do I see – amazing! I've started my business, reduced my drinking, lost those pesky last pounds, increased my energy and met some awesome new people along the way!”
– Michelle A. Bourque

“I am waking up! I am learning to love myself more deeply and unconditionally. Life has gone from grayscale to vibrant color. I am learning to cry for the first time in my life. It's beautiful!”
– Wendy Mather

“Thank you. Self Coaching Scholars saved my life. The irony is, I save lives for a living. Yet, I had never thought to save my own. I take the tools and knowledge you have given me to make my life so much better. I lost 40 pounds, I’ve taken a break from drinking alcohol, I’ve improved relationships with myself, husband, and co-workers.”
– Valerie Bestland