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Brooke Castillo

Sideline Expert


I'm an amazing U11 Boys Soccer Goalie.

Just ask me.

I sit on the sidelines and know exactly what my son needs to do.

I never get tired. I could've gotten all the saves. I would do it better, harder, faster.


It is so easy to be sitting in my chair with my Chai and have Opinions. Knowledge. Expertise.

I have nothing on the line. I'm making no effort and taking no risk.

But I am so good at the critique. I am a Sideline Expert.

Many of us are.

Book reviewers on Amazon-Authors spend years creating their life's work, and someone trashes it after reading three pages.

Movie Critics. People Magazine. Tabloids. YouTube Reviewers. Blog Commenters.

Being a critic is so much easier than doing it yourself.

My son would school me on a soccer field. I have no business telling him how to do it better.

The world doesn't need more experts on the sidelines.

Get in the game. Or just cheer on those who are.