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You’re committed to excellence. You have high expectations of yourself. And you know you bring something special to the world.

The Life Coach School is extraordinary. And so are you. Together, we are unstoppable.

NOW is the best time to get certified as a life coach.

And The Life Coach School is the BEST place to get certified.

Join the elite ranks of the coaching industry.

Kate Stewart

“You'll be taught new ideas, principles and BELIEFS... and while your mind is changing... your life will change in all the best ways! Things start to fall into place... as you turn ideas into dreams, dreams into goals, goals into action and action into results! You will CREATE RESULTS you want. I say GO FOR IT - It's incredible!! An unbelievable experience - which was way more than anything I imagined... or hoped for. I now believe I can conquer anything. I have learned that My desired results are mine for the getting. REALLY!!!”

Kate Stewart

Christina Sloane

“Be ready to challenge your brain to do things it’s never done before. Your life will not be the same after the course. This course is a superpower for the rest of your life.”

Cristina S.

Melissa J. Francisco, PhD

“This is life-changing work. You will gain knowledge and experience to help others, and along the way you will grow, evolve the way that you think, and enhance the way that you experience your life.”

Melissa J. Francisco, PhD

Certificate Benefits

  • Learn concepts directly from Brooke
  • Learn how to hold space
  • Learn how to use the Model with your clients
  • Instructor Panel applies concepts in real time
  • Access to recordings of Brooke teaching concepts
  • Weekly Office Hours
  • Curriculum Book
  • Workbook full of worksheets you can use with your clients
  • Certification process
  • 20 One-on-one sessions with an Instructor
  • Self paced so you can go as fast or slow as you want
  • Up to one year to complete Certification Requirements
  • Practice coaching with clients
  • Self-paced training
  • Live training can be in-person or 100% online
  • Earned Certificate & Logo

Lifetime Alumni Benefits

  • Certified Alumni Site
  • The Life Coach School Directory
  • Monthly Alumni Calls on Business or Life Coaching
  • Connect Platform for Certified Coaches:
  • Ask a Master Coach
  • Share referrals for clients
  • Annual Mastermind In-Person Event
  • Access to recordings of past Mastermind and Business Workshop events

Post Certificate Benefits

Entrepreneurial Post Certification Training

  • Entrepreneurship Resource Guide
  • Self paced curriculum to be completed at any time
  • Entrepreneurial training videos
  • Funnel training
  • Facebook ads checklist
  • Steps and sample scripting for conducting mini sessions
  • Predesigned programs to use with your clients

Self Coaching Scholars 6-month membership

  • Daily Live Group Coaching Calls inside Scholars
  • Live Group Coaching Calls with Brooke inside Scholars
  • Certified Coaches Workshops inside Scholars every month
  • 1 Coach the Coach Call inside Scholars every month
  • Access to the archive of Certified Coaches Workshops

Applied Post Certification Training

  • Applied Resource Guide
  • A guided self paced curriculum to complete at any time
  • Advanced coaching and teaching webinars
  • How to evaluate your own coaching and teaching
  • Predesigned coaching programs to use with clients
  • Instructions on delivering video trainings, webinars, podcasts, value emails and written coaching

Coach Calls inside Self Coaching Scholars

  • One-to-One Coach Mentoring for Certified Coaches
  • Weekly 20-Minute Coaching Sessions
  • The Study Vault within Self Coaching Scholars
  • Including Monday Hour One
  • Entrepreneurial Management
  • Entrepreneurial Bookkeeping
  • … and all of Brooke’s courses from the past 16 years

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