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Brooke Castillo

Soccer is More Important Than School


This is a picture of my son.

He took of himself with his phone.

He’s currently obsessed with soccer.

It’s hard for many of my friends to understand how much time and energy we put into this sport.

We adjusted our year-long trip to come home so our son could play with his team.

And, trust me, it is not because we have delusions that our son will play professionally or get a full-ride scholarship to Stanford.

We are committed because our son loves it.

He gets butterflies on the way to practice.

He can’t sleep the night before a game.

He cries when he misses a save.

As his parents, we know that loving something this much matters.  There will be few things in life that ignite your passion, and when you find it, you must do it.

Yes. At the expense of other things.

So we fly from around the country so he doesn’t miss a game.

We take him to practice twice a week, goalie practice once a week, and the field during the day so he can practice.

SoccerIsMoreImportantWe treat him like he’s training for the World Cup.

Not because soccer will be his career or is a very important sport.

But because he loves it.

In our family, what we love to do is what matters.

It matters more than school, more than a trip across the country, and more than being realistic.

I can think of no better lesson to teach my son.

I can think of no better lesson to learn.