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Brooke Castillo

Someone Who Believes


I have created work when I didn’t have support and I have created work when I did.

Having support is better.  Way better.

I have had friends, colleagues, and mentors who have encouraged me when I doubted, and it was the difference between completion and procrastination.

When I was starting The Life Coach School, I second-guessed myself constantly.  A friend listened, and then said, “But, Brooke, you know you will help so many people.”

That statement is what I kept thinking through every subsequent doubt.

When I was learning how to lose weight without struggle, I kept thinking I would be overweight forever.  One of my mentors told me, “Success usually comes after multiple attempts, your previous failures are most likely an indication that success is near.”  She was right.

Having someone with perpective on your life, who doesn’t believe your doubts or worries, makes creating work in the world so much easier.

Someone to tell you the critics are wrong.

Someone to remind you what you do well and applaud each of your completions.

Someone who doesn’t require you to be perfect, but does require you to put your work into the world.

Someone who has your back, even when you make mistakes or fall on your face.

I tell you this, not so you will go out and try to find someone to believe in you.

I tell you this so you may be that person for someone you believe in.