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Brooke Castillo

Sometimes…just be proud of yourself


I was telling a client the other day that I think the best feeling in the world is pride.

I love feeling proud of myself. It feels flippin good.

Especially that well-earned, you-know-you-have-done-a-good- job, kinda pride.

I think we are embarrassed to feel it sometimes because it can be interpreted as arrogant or indulgent, but it really isn’t.

It is our responsibility as we become adults to take over the approval and acknowledgment from our parents or caregivers.

Otherwise, we are constantly seeking it from other people and requiring it from people we love.

Try it out.

I am proud of you, girl.

Say it to yourself.

And then elaborate…

I am proud of the way I handled that situation.

I am proud that I did that even though I was scared.

I am proud that I love my children actively.

I am proud that I finished writing that book.

I am proud that my husband and I support our family.

I am proud that I have the guts to travel for a year.

I am proud that so many of the coaches I have trained are so awesome.

I am proud of myself.

Try it.

Trust me.