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There is an amazing power that comes when you focus and specialize. At The Life Coach School, we believe this and practice it every day.  |  thelifecoachschool.com

I spend a lot of my time trying to convince coaches to focus on a small group of people to market to.

It's just smart.

Find a group of people and speak directly to them at the exclusion of everyone else.

It makes the second half of our job (selling coaching) so much easier.  (The first part of our job is, of course, coaching.)

The other thing I highly recommend is specializing.

Pick an area of life coaching that you are really interested in and learn every single thing you can about it.

Maybe it's the physical component of feelings.  Maybe it's boundaries. Maybe it's losing weight again after you lost it once the healthy way.

Picking something to focus your study on and your expertise on gives your business some focus and gives you an area to be known for.

Learn more than anyone knows in that one area.  Document and have an amazing library of material on that one topic.

Then, we will all come to you when we need expertise in that area.