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How To Easily Manage Your Urges to Drink


“A simple process anyone can use to reduce their drinking permanently.”

What is Stop Overdrinking The Complete Program?

It's not just another self help book telling you to drink less, it tells you why you desire alcohol so much, so you can finally control your urge to drink.

If you are someone who enjoys drinking but has tried to cut back, you are most likely frustrated and discouraged.

First, there is nothing wrong with you.

Overdrinking is caused by disordered learning. It simply becomes automatic to drink more, making it seem like it's out of our moment-by-moment control.

Once you understand how this repetitive reinforcement works, you will understand why you overdrink and how to learn the skills to change it.

You don't have to quit drinking to gain more control over it.

If you do want to quit, I can show you how, with a four-step quick-start process.

  1. Learn to Manage Urges
  2. Create a Drink Plan
  3. Evaluate Your Drinking Thinking
  4. Change Judgment to Curiosity

It has worked for thousands of my students and it can work for you.

Please enjoy the book.

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