Stop Overdrinking


I can help.

Hi, I’m Brooke Castillo.

I have spent the last several years figuring out why I overdrink chardonnay. I’m not an alcoholic or out of control. I just drank a bit too much and couldn’t stop myself.
I knew there had to be an answer, and I found it.

This course is dedicated to people, who like me, want to drink less. We don’t want to make a big deal about it, or change our identity, or claim a disease. We are just tired of thinking about drinking, and want a solution that doesn’t insult our intelligence or our morality.

I have found that solution. Alcohol has no power over me and I cut back and quit drinking effortlessly when I figured it out. If you want to cut back or quit, this is the course for you.

After taking this course, you will feel like you get control over your drinking. You will realize there is nothing wrong with you. You will be able to quit drinking if you want or simply cut back to a few drinks a week. You will no longer feel like you are out of control. Drinking (or not) will be easy.

This course includes the following classes:

  • Why We Like To Drink.
  • Why It’s Hard To Cut Back
  • How To Cut Back Without a Struggle
  • Manage the Urge To Drink
  • Using a Drink Plan
  • Evaluate Your Drinking Thinking
  • Change Judgment To Curiosity
  • Decisions Ahead of Time
  • Pleasure
  • How to Control Your Drinking
  • When Everyone Else Is Overdrinking
  • Honoring Your Commitment
  • Life Without Drinking

Ready to get started?

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you are right. Why not give 'YOU CAN' a shot? It is impossible not to grow inside Scholars.”

Chao Sun

“My favorite part of Self Coaching Scholars has changed several times. When I began Self Coaching Scholars, I loved Ask A Coach—I would devour all the questions and answers and learned so much. As I’ve grown in my own coaching, I now find the entrepreneur, time management/getting it done and setting and meeting goals (including the impossible ones!) my favorite parts of the Study Vault. I also love, love, love the Coaching Calls and replays available. I find comfort in the fact that I can hop on a replay call at any time of the day or night and get insight on my brain.”

Jennifer Richey

“The podcast is just a sliver of what Self Coaching Scholars offers. When I came to Self Coaching Scholars I had no idea of what was possible for me and how much I could change my life with the value we have inside. Self Coaching Scholars is the content on the podcast on steroids and that totally reflected on the growth I created for myself when I joined.”

Mariana Fávero Bonesso