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“I am so amazed at the progress I have made in just 6 months. I've lost 30 pounds and am learning how to manage my emotions in a healthy way, rather than using food to cope with negative events and feelings. No other weight loss program I've done has addressed emotional eating and taught mind management strategies to overcome this difficult piece of weight management.”

Katherine Kugler

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“The freedom from food addiction has been something I have wanted my entire life. Every day I wake up giddy that I have given myself the gift of being at goal weight for so long and finally forever.”

Margaret Hosterman

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“I have tried support groups, therapy, and all health care options. This work is what finally transformed my anxiety, and this is not an exaggeration. My skin is considerably clearer, I look younger! Food is so easy now (I love this), I lost 25 pounds. My confidence is so much greater than I ever imagined – I have taken larger risks”

Anna Rodrigues