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Brooke Castillo

Structuring Sessions

As a coach, I think it is very important to prepare for every session I have with a client.

My clients are paying me money and spending their time to have a session and I want to honor that by being prepared.  

Here is how I prepare:

1.  I read their prework carefully and take notes.

If they are a long time client I review my session notes from the prior work.

2.  I do my own self-coaching so I am in a clean, open space to coach.

3. I plan the entire hour carefully

    I write down exercises I think would benefit my client

    I outline the session with the concepts that I think will most benefit our work together

4. Once the session starts, I talk to the client about what is current for them and what they most want to talk about.  Sometimes the entire session is spent working with the client on what is their current suffering.  This means the entire plan is unused and that is absolutely fine.  

5.  I stay very present with client and listen intently during the session. I do not have any distractions. I close my computer and make sure there is nothing that can interrupt my session.  I always have a blank yellow pad and a good pen to take notes if I need to during a session.  (But I don't let note taking take away from the flow of good coaching.)  

6. After the session, I give myself 10 minutes to recap and make notes from the session so I will have it for next time when I am preparing.

7. My clients have my email address and know that they can email me if anything comes up between sessions.