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Terry Demeo J D

Certified Life Coach

Coaching Philosophy

As a former trial lawyer, I’m able to handle any problem you might be struggling with, no matter how big it might seem. I’ll keep your deepest confidences, I’ll never judge you, and you’ll feel safe as we work together. In addition to extensive coach training, I’m also trained in stress-management, body-mind and positive psychology, and brain-compatible behavioral change.

The central aim of my coaching is to dislodge the limiting inner thoughts that keep us dissatisfied and block us from reaching our dreams and goals. Although I use a wide variety of tools and techniques, I teach the Self-Coaching 101 tool to all of my clients, and encourage them to use it liberally. The greatest gift my clients give me are the words, “Thanks, I’m fine now. I don’t need you anymore.”

You can hear a recording of me working with a real client using the Self-Coaching 101 tool here. (It’s an mp3 file and you can listen on your computer, or download it and listen on your iPod.)