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Brooke Castillo

The Satisfaction of Not Quitting


I want to quit all the time.

I think of quitting on myself often.

But I don’t.

It’s easier to quit on a relationship than to do the work to make it strong and unconditional.

It’s easy to quit on your own business when work gets hard and no one acknowledges you or pays you for what you do.

It’s so tempting to quit on goals and dreams and ideas.  They require courage, hard work, and faith.

Quitting on yourself requires nothing special.

But not quitting is better, way better.  Sometimes what’s harder is better.

Not quitting is a skill.  You have to practice it.  You have to not quit.  Often.

I practice it when I workout.

When I create new products.

When I design a new class.

When I dread a difficult conversation.

When I feel a feeling instead of reacting to it.

Quitting might give you temporary relief.

Quitting might give you the indulgence of releasing a challenge.

But it denies you the honor of completion.  Of kicking fear and doubt in the head.

Of overcoming the garbage that stands in the way of you getting what you truly want.

The satisfaction of knowing when it got hard, you didn’t quit.