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Brooke Castillo

The Universe is Good


It’s just something I choose to believe.

I don’t like it when people complain about the world or the “times” or the way things are going.

It doesn’t serve us.

It makes us part of the problem.

I love the world.  We live in the best of times, and things are going great in so many ways.

Is everything perfect? No. Thank goodness.

But it is amazing, fantastic, exciting and beautiful.

There is so much love and grace and brilliance.

I know there is horrible-but I don’t think focusing on it and worrying about it makes it better.

I think more love is the answer.

And more love is found in looking for what lights us up.

It is found when we reduce our own suffering.

Because when we are strong, we can help others.

When we are happy, we put more happiness in the world.

And that is what we need.

We need goodness.

And the Universe is Good.