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Brooke Castillo




What does it mean when people tell us to do this?

Um. Okay. Good plan. I'll take you're advice on this one. Thanks for the tip. I was wondering what I was going to do today.

What they mean, though, is to pay attention to your breath. Breathe on purpose. Be conscious of your breathing. Slow it down. Experience it.

Well this is what I mean when I say, “Think”.

Pay attention to what you are thinking. Think on purpose. Be deliberate of what you think. Be conscious of your thinking. Decide it. Choose it.

Even if you don't choose to breathe-it will happen anyway. Even if you choose not to think-it will happen anyway.

When you focus on your breathing, you come into the present . You connect with this moment. You tap into the energy that is keeping you alive and in a small way, you can direct it.

When you focus on your thinking, you come into the perspective of the Watcher. You align with the unchangeable part of you that is unaffected by your mind.  You tap into the universal energy that can guide you and inspire you. And from this knowingness, you can direct your mind and ultimately your life.

You're going to breathe.

You're going to think.

Consciously or Unconsciously.

Actively or Passively.

Your choice.