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Brooke Castillo

Thought Noise


I just read a great book by Bethenny Frankel.

It's called, “A Place of Yes”.

I loved it.

One of the concepts that she writes about so brilliantly is “noise”.

She calls our negative childhood thoughts that no longer serve us, “noise”.

She got this concept from a life coach (of course) and I think it is an awesome way to summarize what is going on in our minds at any given moment.

It's just noise.

We try to distract ourselves from the noise. (Doesn't really work.)

We try to dance to the noise. (But noise ain't music.)

We try to make sense of the noise. (But noise doesn't make sense.)

That's why it's such a great word for our old, recycled, negative, painful thoughts.

Don't turn down the noise.

Don't get used to the noise.

Don't pretend you don't have noise.

Find its source and turn it off.

Then you will be able to hear the real music. Your music.

The beautiful music you might not even know about because of all that noise.