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Brooke Castillo

Thought Quality

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about thought quality.

When our clients first come to us, we help them to  identify poisonous, negative thinking and see its impact on emotional well being.

But as the sessions g0 on and the thoughts get cleaned up, we move into another phase of work with our clients. We start teaching our clients to think deliberately and on purpose. We begin to create thoughts that are of the highest quality to literally “feed” the mind.

Feed the body fuel, feed the mind fuel.

Often, once a client feels better, and released from the tyranny of negative thinking, they want to be done.

It's like weight loss clients who eat fuel,  lose weight, and then want to go back to eating junk food all the time. Ok, I'm skinny, now I want to check out again.

We all know what happens there.

The same with minds.

If you don't take care of your mind by choosing thoughts on purpose, it is very easy to slip into negative programming.

The quality of thought matters. Each day, check in with yourself, check in with your clients, and make sure the fuel is quality.