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Brooke Castillo

Trust Your Guidance


A few weeks ago, we went to San Francisco to meet our extended family for the day.

We met up with them in Japan Town and then planned to head to a restaurant at the wharf.

We had never been to this particular restaurant before, so although it wasn’t far away, we put it in the car’s GPS.

It comfortingly started telling Chris what to do-where to turn and how many miles to drive.

I dozed off in the passenger seat for a few minutes…

When I woke up and looked around, I saw that we were driving out of the city.

“Um, babe?  Where the hell are we going?”

“What? I am just following the GPS.”

“Dude, you must have put it in wrong.  We are going the wrong way.”

“I know, this seems weird, but this is what it says.”

I checked the address he had entered-it seemed right-so we kept driving.

About 10 minutes later we ended up at an empty pier.

The GPS robotically said, “You have arrived at your destination-The Franciscan Crab House.”

Um. No. We were at an empty, abdandoned pier.

But that did not stop us from looking around as if it might appear.

I called my sister, who had been at the restaurant for 20 minutes, and told her we were lost.

She told us we were about 20 minutes away-the wrong way- in traffic.

We looked at each other. We knew where the wharf was.  How the hell did we end up so far away?

Because we had ignored our own guidance.

We didn’t listen to our internal GPS that knew where to go.

We listened to something else-we let it override our own knowledge.

As we drove back through traffic all I could think about is how often we have done this in life.  How often so many of us look to something or someone else to find our path, our way, our destination, at the expense of our inner guidance.

It was a very good reminder.

You know the way.  Trust your instincts.  Trust your guidance.