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When a client decides they no longer want to be your client.

When a reader stops reading your blog.

When you get unfollowed or unfriended or unliked or unlinked or unsubscribed or unaccepted, you might want to, well, cry.

I have had dozens of clients who did just that.

Cried over the un-ing in their life.

I recently had a coach tell me that someone had unsubscribed to her newsletter and it upset her.

I asked her why.

She had a story about what it meant.

A painful, lie of a tale that guaranteed suffering.

So after some coaching, we decided to come up with some new thoughts to think when people "un" her.

    I've been spared.

    Not my business.

    I want people who want me.

    I want people who love hearing from me on my list.

    It was time for them to go.

    They don't have to like me, that's my job.

And then I told her the best way to NEVER get unsubscribed is to never send anything out.  Then she could have a huge list of people who she never talks to. Who never hear her.

And she has some good stuff to share with the world.

And people who want to hear it.

Who follow, friend, like, link, and subscribe to her.

Those. Are her people.