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Unraveling Familiar Patterns


To unravel patterns that feel natural and familiar even if they no longer serve me or work for me.


This is what all of our clients who desire change are working towards.

I was explaining this to one of my students who found it challenging to change her patterns.  She was acknowledging that it required intense effort.  She has a pattern of thinking negative thoughts, a pattern of eating food that her body doesn't want, and beating herself up for it. She has been doing it for so long it feels familiar-almost like home.  Changing felt difficult and unfamiliar-but she wanted something more positive and productive to feel like home.

I gave her this analogy in hopes it would help her understand what the process is like.


I moved houses some months ago.  I moved within the same neighborhood, just down the street.

After dinner at my friend's house one night, I drove to the previous house I  had lived in.  Pulled all the way into the driveway.  It felt right all the way up until the part where the garage opener didn't work.(Other people were living there.)

Then it didn't feel right anymore. It didn't feel comfortable. It felt like it didn't fit.


I didn't beat myself up.

I laughed.


It didn't take a ton of effort not to do it again.

It didn't take a struggle.


I just had to stay conscious and not on automatic pilot.

I have to THINK about where I live now


That is what it can be for you.

Think about where you live now.

Where you choose to live.

Where you want to live.


And then remind yourself to go there.