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Brooke Castillo

Video: Self Care

Self care is paying attention to your mind. It's checking in with yourself instead of living on auto pilot. Join in as Brooke Castillo from The Life Coach School talks about self care and priorities how they relate to weight loss.

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Episode Transcript:

Hey it's Brooke Castillo from the Life Coach School, and today I want to talk to you about self care.

This is especially for our clients who are focused on weight loss. One of the things that we see time and time again with our clients that struggle with their weight is they're not taking care of themselves. What we mean by that is not, "Hey, go get yourself a pedicure. Go get yourself a massage." Although those things are wonderful, what we mean by self care is really attention and specifically paying attention to your mind.

The best way to take care of people is to give them your time and your energy and yet so many of us don't give ourselves our time and our energy. We don't listen to what's going on in our lives. We don't check in to see, "Hey, is our life going the way we want it to? Do you days really reflect what we want to be doing with those days?" We just put our head down and go into automatic pilot. That's why we go into automatic eating. That's why we wake up one day and realize, "Oh, my gosh. How did I gain all this weight?"

We haven't even been present with ourselves long enough to recognize all the extra food we've been eating, the lack of exercise, the lack of time we've been giving ourselves to listen to our own minds and therefore we end up with a large bod. I think it's a gift. I think it's amazing that we can tap into ourselves by manifesting it on our bodies. It gets our attention. I think that's the point of the extra weight, to get our attention.

When I talk about self care one of my favorite exercises to do is to write down your priorities. I think that it's something that we think we know what they are, and we think we're living in accordance with them, but we don't ... It's kind of this vague thing, especially when you start working with a client on this and you have them write down their priorities, you'll see that it's not something that typically we've thought a lot about. What I have them do is write down what are your top 5 priorities.

Typically the question I get is do you want me to write down what they are or do you want me to write down what they should be which I think is such an interesting question, right, because if your priorities are a certain way why isn't your life in line with your priorities? Right? It's kind of an interesting thing. When a client asks me that I say, "Write down the way they are." Then I say, "Okay, now write down the way that you wish they would be." We write them down. Then the next day I have them keep what I call a time journal.

I'm a huge believer in journaling because I think it helps us pay attention to ourselves. I think that we should money journal and write down everything we spend. I think that we should write down everything we eat, especially if we're trying to lose weight. Another way to journal is your time journal. Write down everything you do with your day and then look. When you compare your priorities to what you do with your day, you may be quite alarmed. So many of my clients say they're number one priority is their health, but when you look at how they spend their day, they're not even making 5 minutes to exercise.

They're not even taking an hour to prepare meals. They're just eating on the run. They're just constantly responding to whatever happens to be available in terms of food. Yet their number 1 priority is health. They're spending way more time watching TV, running around, driving everybody everywhere without really focusing on what's the most important thing.

I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't be driving your kids to soccer practice. That's not what I'm saying at all, but when you look at your priorities and then you look at how you spend your time, you want to make sure that you can reconcile those in a way that feels really good to you. I, in fact, did have a client who was spending a lot of time driving her kids around to sports, and that wasn't even really on her priority list in terms of her connection with her kids, and she did make a change. Less sports, more family time, and actually it benefited everybody. The kids really liked that, and so did she.

Being able to step back from your life and look at what you want your priorities to be and then adjusting your life so they're a closer match will really help with any kind of effort that you're making to lose weight and especially if you want to add fuel food shopping, fuel food preparation, and exercise you need to make sure that you are only eliminating the things from your day that don't contribute to your top priorities. If you're health is a priority to you, and it should be, because without it you have nothing else, make sure that you make time for your most important priority which is your health.

Go do it right now. 5 priorities. Do a time journal. Reconcile.

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