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Brooke Castillo

We All Just Want Love


Here is a thought that gives me peace: We all just want love.

I think it when I feel someone has done me wrong.

When customer service can’t find my Pottery Barn Desk I ordered two months ago.

When a friend says something mean about me and someone else tells me about it.

When my son tries to hit me because he is so frustrated.

When someone cuts me off in traffic or cuts in line at the store.

When someone doesn’t return an urgent email.

I remind myself that these people, just like me, want to be loved.

I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t want everyone to love them.

Love is awesome.

And I also want to feel love. I want to give love.  So much more than I want to feel frustration or anger.

Somehow, reminding myself that we both want the same thing.  That even though we might be on opposite sides in this moment, we really just want to be loved…frees me from the conflict.

And drops me right into what matters.

Even though you yelled at my face-you just want to be loved.

Even though you said things about me that are not true-you just want to be loved.

Even though you are really angry right now-you just want to be loved.

And that’s something I’ve got.