Get Coached on Overeating


Weight loss is hard.
Here’s why…


Have you ever been coached on the mental reasons you overeat?

Do you know the difference between overhunger and overdesire?

Once you understand them, you can change them.

Brooke will show you how.

Brooke Castillo, Master Coach Instructor, would like to invite you to her one-hour class on Mental Weight Loss on November 30th at 1 pm CT. She’ll coach you on the mental reasons you overeat and give you the tools you need to manage your mind around food so you can achieve lasting results.

Weight loss is hard. But it doesn’t have to be.

Brooke will coach you on why you might have overdesire (hint: neurotransmitters) and overhunger (hint: your hormones). 

Come to class with any of your questions around why weight loss seems so hard, and she’ll share her research and experience with how to stop overeating and lose weight permanently.

She won’t just help you address your immediate symptoms, she’ll shed light on the cause of the problem and help you solve it forever. 

You’ll learn more in one hour than you have in all the diet books you’ve read combined.

The class is fast-paced and full of content, but don’t worry, it is also recorded so if you want to go back over the class more slowly and take more notes, you will get a copy of the recording shortly after the class is delivered live.

“The freedom from food addiction has been something I have wanted my entire life. Every day I wake up giddy that I have given myself the gift of being at goal weight for so long and finally forever.”



What to Expect

The group coaching experience is a powerful one. Not only can you ask your customized questions, but you can see other people who are struggling with the same issues be coached live. Sometimes our students say they learn more watching others than being coached themselves.

Brooke is known for getting to the heart of the matter fast and solving lifelong issues for her clients in one powerful coaching session. She has coached thousands of students over the past 20 years on weight loss, overeating, overhunger, and overdesire. She’s an excellent teacher who makes it simple, easier, and more fun than any other coach you will work with.

Bonuses You’ll Receive


To prepare you for class, Brooke is also giving you:

  • Full access to her Stop Overeating Course and workbook. You’ll be able to review the material and refine exactly what you want coaching on.
  • Her mental tools for weight loss, including the Self Coaching Model. These tools are are the catalyst to make the changes you want in life.
  • Full access to Get Coached for one month. We recommend that you focus your attention on all of the weight loss tools, but you will have access to the full suite of classes, workbooks, and group coaching inside Get Coached.

Simply click the button to enroll in the course and get all the incredible bonuses included over the next 30 days. Once you enroll you will get immediate access to the bonuses and so much more.

Proven Results

This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. It has made the difference for thousands of students who have used this method to lose weight for good and it can be the thing that changes everything for you as well.

My life is changing because of Brooke’s teachings: I write every day, I’m taking action and I know I will achieve my dreams or die trying! I’ve lost weight, I’ve stopped drinking, I’m exercising daily. Hell, I’m still scared but life is happening anyway so I might as well follow my dreams and enjoy it. The sentence that blew Brooke’s mind, blew mine too when I heard her say it, “Our thoughts create our feelings.” Holy crap, I can think what the hell I want, I can be who I want.

Karen Milner

I lost the final 15 pounds. I not only feel better, have more energy and a clearer mind, but the process also cultivated a more trusting, closer relationship with myself.

Tara Epes

I have lost all my weight, 50 pounds at almost 68 years old. I used to drink at least a bottle of wine a night and my desire to drink has almost completely gone away. My relationship with my husband has improved to the point he asked me if I was having an affair because my attitude had changed so much toward him!

Durita Mcmahon

I am so amazed at the progress I have made in just six months. I’ve lost 30 pounds and am learning how to manage my emotions in a healthy way, rather than using food to cope with negative events and feelings. No other weight loss program I’ve done has addressed emotional eating and taught mind management strategies to overcome this difficult piece of weight management.

Katherine Kugler

You deserve to break free from the struggle with overdesire and overhunger.

Your cost for the live coaching class and all the bonuses is a one-time payment of $297. Simply fill out the form below. Your 30-day access will begin as soon as you enroll.

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