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Weight Suffering


Those of us who have weight suffered, don’t need it explained.

We know it. We can still feel and remember the pain of it.

Weight suffering isn’t just about how much you weigh or how good you look.

It has very little to do with what types of food you eat.

It has nothing to do with how smart you are.

Weight suffering is about channeling the pain of our lives into a struggle with food.

It’s an attempt to take back control of something within us.

It’s a fight, a struggle, a battle against ourselves that we cannot win, because we will always be both the winner and the loser.

It’s torture and suffering at our own hand.

I have been there.  I have had thousands of clients share their weight suffering with me.

We are a group that recognizes each other.  Not by our weight, but by our pain.

Weight coaching isn’t about losing weight, although losing weight is a byproduct.

Weight coaching is about ending the weight suffering.

You know it if you have it.

And the truth is, suffering is always optional.