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Brooke Castillo

What are We Supposed to Look Like?


Such a common, silent question.

Where does your mind go when you ask it?




No wrinkles or pores?

How do we go about answering this question? Do we google it? Check the TV? Movies? Magazines?

How do we know how we are supposed to look? We want someone to tell us.

We LET someone tell us.

We don’t question the someone.

We just decide we are TOO fat, wrinkled, short, tall, big, flat, or old.

I teach my clients that when we ask a terrible question, we get a terrible answer.

So maybe, just maybe, this question we keep asking ourselves is the wrong question.

Maybe instead of bending over backwards and spending so much time trying to answer it and then living up to its answer….

…we should just change the question.

What do I want to think, do and be?

That’s a question I have or can find the answer to.

I don’t have to ask anyone.

I don’t have to look at a digitally enhanced photograph for the answer.

Because it’s not about what I look like…

…it’s about what I choose to see.