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What if You Really Believed This?


You are loved. Truly. Deeply.

Not because of anything you have done or deserve, but just because you’re you.

You don’t have to change, or do it better, or improve. There is nothing needed to be more loved.

Your face is amazing.  Just as it is. With no make up. Your smile and eyes are real and alive and they need to be seen and felt.  Your body is beautiful. With all of its imperfections and  lumpy places and saggy places and scarred spaces; it’s lived and alive and here. It’s amazing no matter what you say.

Your mind is exactly as smart as it needs to be to fulfill your destiny on the planet. If someone is “smarter” than you in some other way, it’s because they need to be smart to fulfill their life, and that has nothing to do with you. Your brain is perfectly perfect and capable of making all the mistakes necessary for your full life.

The people around you are doing the best they can.  It’s not their intention to hurt you, because if they knew how much hurting hurts them, they would never do it again. But they don’t know, and that’s okay. And you can be okay with them being exactly who they are now.

You don’t get done what you don’t get done on purpose. What you don’t complete is as significant to accept as what you do get done. It’s not what gets done, it’s who who who is getting to the getting. Oh yes. That’s you, perfect and amazing and here. You are here.

The world has noticed. The world is excited to see you and is wondering why you are so worried. The world is waiting for you to notice it noticing you.

And waiting for you to believe how much you are loved. How you are love.  Not in some future, better, thinner, prettier, smarter place.  But here. On a Tuesday, with your jeans on in the middle of your day.

You matter now.