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Brooke Castillo

What Twitter Did


Everyone was always telling me I needed to get on Facebook and Twitter.

My clients wanted to hear from me more often.

I never really wanted to. I didn't understand it.  Didn't feel “social”.

And then I heard something in a Marketing class that changed it for me.

Marketing is letting people, who need you, know you can help.

I had never thought about marketing like that before. When people told me I was hard to find,  I never thought twice about it.  I always had more clients than I could help.

It was selfish.

So I got on Twitter.  And it was way harder than I thought.  I had to coach myself through all the “not knowing what the hell I am doing”  days until I understood it better.

But of course, Twitter didn't do what I thought it would do.

It helped me talk to my people who are on Twitter, but more importantly, it introduced me to several people who I would've never met.

Awesome. People.

Kick ass. Teachmewhatyouknowpeople.

I went there to give.  And what happened was I received much more.

Twitter  Rocks.

There. I said it.


Meet me there  @brookecastillo