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What You Need to Be a Life Coach

I am a huge fan of not having an office.

I like to run a lean overhead business.

Here is everything I need to run my corporation:

1. One box

    I call this my office box.  It is portable and I take it whenever I travel-I put it in the car or if I am flying I put it into a bag.  It has a few pads of paper to take notes, do thought work, or document ideas. It has all three levels of my Rowdy journals, all three document sets and daybooks for the trainings I teach through my school, and a few reference books I use in my creating.


2. One headset and phone

    I like to walk around while I coach, so I use a portable phone. I also like both my ears to be covered in speakers so I can hear clearly.  This headset was $10 at the drugstore and I take it with me because it has an adapter for my iphone for when I travel.


3.One Apple Laptop

    I don't know how anyone survives without a laptop.  I take mine with me everywhere.  I keep all my materials electronically for easy access.

4. A Good Chair and a cup of coffee

    I have a great view at my home and love this pottery barn chair-but give me a chair next to any outlet and I can work for hours.