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What’s Hard About Being a Coach


Sometimes your clients hate you
Not you really
But they need to rail against you and work stuff out, and you get to be the punching bag
You wouldn't have it any other way
But sometimes it's hard
You're alone a lot of the time
It can be isolating
You. Your computer. Your mug of coffee.
Some clients decide they don't want to feel better and it's not worth it
And it will break your heart
Because you can see their pain and you can see a way out of it
And they don't want it
Sometimes no one signs up for your classes
And sometimes too many people sign up
And no one participates
Or everyone wants to talk at once
And you get a complaint email that someone didn't feel included in your class of 64 people
And you wanted nothing more than to include them
Sometimes people call you an amateur because they have no idea what you do
And they don't like the idea that you can make a living that doesn't require their advanced college degree
And you just want them to respect your work in the world
You want them to know how many people you have helped
And they don't
And sometimes…..
Your client will meet themselves
On the call with you
And fall in love with who they meet
And you get to witness it
And more than anything, you want to give them a hug
But they live in Hong Kong and you can't
And that's hard.
But it's not supposed to be easy.
It's supposed to be hard.
You're a Life Coach
This is what you signed up for.
On purpose.