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Brooke Castillo

When Want Turns to Have


When you use the Law of Attraction to get what you want, you start feeling what it would be like to have it now.

If you really want more money so you can travel and spend time with your family, you start generating how that would feel now.

Your change your thoughts.

You take the mini vacation in your living room. You lay down with your kids and look at the stars. You linger at the dinner table to see what coversation might come up. This feeling of relaxation begins. The benefit of being undistracted and unharried begins now and not when you get the cash to travel.

One of my gorgeous, beautiful and intelligent clients feels awful about her debt. She awfuls throughout her day, dreaming about the day she will be able to afford to travel.

She wants to awful her way to freedom.

It doesn't work that way.

The taste of freedom comes from the thought you are choosing to think right now. The relaxation comes from the knowing that all is meant to be as it is. You can “get away” by “getting away” from the thoughts you want to escape and creating new, and better feeling thoughts.

New thoughts can bring a vibration of relaxation and freedom. A creativity comes. A motivation to spend less and make more comes. A presence of mind free from worry allows the opportunity for mini-vacations at any given moment.

And from this place you will attract the money to go on the vacation. Your want will be come your have. But by that time, you have already been relaxed and free, so the vactation is just the backdrop, the scenery to what you already have.

What you want is what you have. Now.

Or hadn't you noticed?