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Brooke Castillo

When Your Client Doesn’t Succeed


So what happens when your client comes to you and they want to lose weight, get a job, get out of debt, find a mate, or run a marathon.

And they don't?

This might be one of the hardest things for new coaches.

And here's why…

We want to define our success based on their success.

If my client loses weight-then I am a good coach.

If my client makes more money-then I am a good coach.

If my client gets results-then I am a good coach.

But the truth of the matter is that your client gets what they get because of them-not you.

They are the one who gets 100% credit for everything they get.

You can coach two clients the exact same way.

One can get results and the other can fail miserably at getting what they want.

Does it mean you were good with one and bad with another? How could it?  You were the constant. You did the same coaching.

It only means what you make it mean.

So here's what I decided as a new coach and here is what I teach my coaches:

You have to decide how to measure you own success.

It can't be based on what someone else does or doesn't do.

It can only be based on what you do.


Here's how I measure my success:

Did I love my client unconditionally?

Did I tell them the truth?

Did I over-deliver in value?

Did I show up with my own self coaching completed?

Did I set a good example with my life and my actions?

Did I have some fun?

Did I teach them something new?

Did I take risks and strive for excellence?


If I did. I'm a success.

What they do- will define whether they're a success.

But I sure am rooting for them.