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Who’s Happier?


Jennifer Lopez is gorgeous.  Is she happier than you?

Oprah Winfrey has an audience of millions. Is she happier than someone with an audience of 50?

Lady Gaga’s career is on fire.  Is she happier than a mom in suburbia?

Angelina Jolie seems so in love with Brad. Is she happier than the sophomore girl with her first crush?

There is no way for us to know.

Because happiness doesn’t come from our reach, our bodies, our affections or our careers.

Happiness comes from our minds. When we decide we should and want to be happy-then we are.

You can be gorgeous and have an audience of millions and be miserable.

So many drug overdose examples of this.

And you can be a woman smack dab in the middle of her life, taking a walk in her neighborhood, and be ecstatic.

It’s a choice.