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Why It’s Hard To Stop Overeating

Do you want to finally be able to control your eating? To lose weight? To stop overeating?

In this training I am going to share with you why it’s hard to stop overeating.

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I want to teach you how to think about eating in a way that serves you and doesn’t defeat you. Here are the three facts that will help you stop overeating so you can lose weight for good.

1. Weight loss and learning how to stop overeating is a skill set that you need to develop.

If you’ve tried to lose weight before and haven’t, you’re right where you should be.

Most of my clients try to lose weight 8–10 times before they are able to do it successfully.

You probably either haven’t been taught properly how to lose weight, or your attempts were not wholehearted attempts.

And it’s not enough to just learn how to lose weight. You will have to practice the skill every day.

Like anything, your first attempts at weight loss will be failures. And that’s totally okay.

That means you’re getting closer and closer to success.

It’s practice. You’re either winning or learning.

You have to keep taking action. Over and over. It’s like learning to walk.

Just because you’ve tried it ten times, it doesn’t mean you won’t get it.

You’re going in the right direction.

What did you make it mean when your weight loss attempt failed? That you would never be able to lose weight?

That’s not true. All of your previous attempts have just been necessary stops on your journey to get there.

Weight loss and stopping overeating requires us to overcome our biology, emotions, environment, and brain.

This stuff isn’t easy. I’m not telling you it will be.

We want everything in our lives to be easy, effortless, and pleasurable.

Our brains want pleasure all of the time.

And that’s not going to happen if we want to be different than who we are today.

We have to learn, practice, fail, and keep going to get to where we want to be.

It’s only going to work if you keep doing it.

Trust me, it’s going to suck in the beginning.

It’ll feel terrible.

But there is nothing going wrong. Once you are able to understand the challenges you’re facing, you can overcome them.

Your body is amazing at finding calorie dense food, eating as much of it as possible, and storing fat.

That’s what our body is designed to do. It’s working perfectly.

Our ancestors were the ones binging. That’s how they stayed alive.

And what kept us alive then is what’s killing us now.

We have constant access to food, and our bodies do not want to use the fat we have already stored on our bodies.

We literally have to overcome our natural instincts.

Our brains are constantly seeking pleasure. And food is an easy way to get it.

We think we should be happy all of the time. And when we aren’t, we use food to make ourselves feel better.

If you just decided it was okay to feel your emotions, you wouldn’t have to eat to avoid them.

50% of the time, you’re going to feel negative emotion. Expect it.

What if you could learn to just process your emotions instead of always eating to avoid them?

2. Our brain releases dopamine and gives us pleasure when we eat so that we have motivation to leave the cave and find food.

Highly concentrated foods (sugar and flour) give us false pleasure.

Our brain thinks they are extremely important and that we should binge eat those foods to keep us alive.

It creates an overdesire for those foods.

And once you understand your primitive brain and why it’s telling you to keep eating, you can use your prefrontal cortex to overpower it.

I recommend staying away from foods that give you those false dopamine hits.

If we have those foods that give us dopamine hits often, we need more of them to get that same feeling. Which is why one cookie is never enough.

We have so much overdesire. And when you don’t give in to that, you will have cravings.

And I can teach you how to manage those cravings and urges.

Once you are able to allow them, they will becomes less and less.

It’s like the Pavlovian dogs. They rang the bell, the dogs drooled, and they were rewarded with food.

Once the bell rings and you don’t eat the food enough times, the drool will go away.

You won’t have that overdesire.

If you always use your prefrontal cortex to make decisions, your primitive brain will never be in control.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could eat just what you decided to eat ahead of time?

You can once you learn how to manage your brain.

An urge is just a feeling. It’s nothing we can’t handle.

Once you learn to be successful with allowing urges and feelings, you can be successful in any area of your life.

You will be living from the highest level of your brain instead of living on your old default programming.

3. We have to overcome our socialization when it comes to food.

It’s “normal” to eat for every occasion, have dessert, eat when everyone is together, bring people food, and eat anything that is free.

Why is it acceptable to ask why someone isn’t having dessert?

Shouldn’t we be asking why are you having dessert? That would never happen.

We have evolved to want to be like everyone else. To be accepted. To be a part of the tribe because it’s safer that way.

Not overeating will require you to feel urges and sometimes feel like an outcast.

This is why it is so important for us to learn how to manage our emotions. That’s the hardest part.

What even is “normal”? Question everything and decide what is normal for you.

Food used to be the most important thing to me.

And then I decided that food wasn’t what I wanted my life to be about.

I started seeing food only as fuel, and as a result, I became higher functioning in every area of my life.

Seeking pleasure is what motivates humans. If you’re not getting pleasure from food, you’re going to find it elsewhere.

I started to get all of my pleasure from serving my clients. My business took off. My health took off.

I had so much motivation in all of the areas that I wanted it.

You can get pleasure from Oreos. Easy.

Or you can get pleasure in a way that is meaningful to you.

You can use it to drive action to achieve something amazing.

What if you were willing to just feel restlessness and anxiety?

You wouldn’t have to eat to avoid it.

I’m not afraid of experiencing any emotion.

I used to spend so much time and energy focusing on weight loss. You probably do too.

And we can shift that energy to other things in our lives. Once we overcome the overhunger we have because of all of the concentrated foods and hormone imbalances.

We can use that energy in other areas.

We want our food to be boring and our life to be exciting.

We want less pleasure in food and more pleasure in life.

I gave up pleasure quick fixes.

I realized that I could trust myself.

I wondered what other amazing things I could do.

You eat your emotions because of some underlying problem.

It’s that feeling that you have when you don’t eat. That’s what’s hard.

Don’t you want to get good at feeling urges and not answering them?

It’s all about learning to manage our emotions without food.

Losing weight is hard is because your mind is programmed to binge and store fat.

You’ll have to overcome your natural conditioning, socialization, environment, and evolution.

I can teach you how.

And by the way, you will be required to like yourself and your body.

You can’t hate yourself thin. You just can’t.

Part of the problem now is that you’re not loving yourself.

Losing weight requires that you love the body you’re in.

Because if you don’t love it now, you won’t love it thin.

You have to start now.

I will never hate myself again.

Once I decided that, that’s when I was able to lose weight.

Be committed and focused.

Food. Pizza. Bread rolls. Is that really what you want your life to be about?

How to Apply This to Your Life

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