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Why is Leadership Important?

Leadership is absolutely essential because businesses never grow faster than the person leading them. Nothing is more important to the health and wealth of an enterprise.

The key to a successful organization is a conscious leader. What is a conscious leader? One who manages his or her mind. 

Everything in business (and life) starts with a thought. Every product, every program, every profit/loss sheet is dependent on the thoughts of the leader of the organization. Few people understand that what a leader thinks determines the results of the business. It’s absolutely that simple. 

This elegant simplicity is the theory behind the Model, a tool used to solve any problem that leaders, or anyone, might face. Every leader should have a deep understanding of the Model as a tool to be utilized to create success. The Model is based on the concept that your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings drive your actions, your actions create your results, so ultimately, your thoughts create your results. Excellent leaders know if they want to achieve a goal, all they have to do is work on changing their minds.

Leadership is crucial because it sets the tone for the culture of the organization. The best leaders embody and encourage self management and personal responsibility at all levels of the business. Self managed employees or teams know how to focus on outcomes, more easily resolve conflict, and are more adaptable, so they’re more valuable contributors to the bottom line of the business. By now, it should be quite clear that to grow a business, you must first grow a leader.

How to be a successful leader in your organization

When you understand how powerful the thoughts in your mind are, you can recognize how they impact your emotions, and therefore, how your emotions affect your actions. Leaders who create big results are those who are able to manage their mind. These are the leaders that know how to be intentional with their thoughts and decisive with their actions. 

Indeed, all of your power as a leader is in your ability to make decisions. You do it in your way, a way that may have never been done before. You weigh the options and decide: If you could be successful at all of them, which would you choose? You make a decision and never second guess it. 

If you want to excel as a leader, it’s important to have a vision. You don’t need to know how to achieve that vision, but you do need to be willing to take what Self Coaching Scholars calls “massive action” and fail your way to success. 

Let’s dive into the meaning of massive action. The very best leaders do this intuitively, but it is a skill that can be learned. Massive action means that you take action until you achieve a goal no matter what. “If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again.” The best leaders use the Scientific Method—trying, testing, refining, and repeating the process as needed until the desired results are achieved. Real leadership is going first without the “how” and iterating your way to success.

The most powerful leaders are crystal clear communicators. What does that mean? As a leader, you tell employees exactly what outcome you want and when you want it. You invest in your employees upfront with training and then empower them to think for themselves once they have set parameters for a task.

When you become a leader of a very large organization, it’s impossible to be a people-pleaser to everyone. So how do you decide who to please? You have to find out what you truly believe and what you truly value and what you can stand beside. 

Simply put, leaders have integrity. They know that people-pleasing is simply lying. They don’t lie to others or to themselves in order to be liked. They know that other people’s opinions are none of their business.

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Effective leadership skills

At the top of any list for developing impressive leadership skills has to be the Model. Because the Model is all that you need to solve any problem you have, it is also the answer to improving your leadership. The Model simplifies your problem no matter how simple or complex and helps you come up with a solution. You can learn even more about the Model by clicking here.

Not only do leaders manage others, but they also manage themselves extraordinarily well, embracing self awareness as a superpower. Let’s examine the essence of self management. Self management means you’re able to control your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Once you can properly manage your thoughts, feelings, and actions, then you have control over your results.

The ability to self manage automatically boosts a leader’s performance, productivity, and efficiency. A self managed manager can set big goals and take massive action to achieve them.

The willingness to experience any emotion is a sign of true leadership. It’s about putting your own fears and doubts aside. Those in charge experience the same fear as any person, but the difference is they tackle the thing they fear anyway. That’s because if you push fear away or dismiss it, you can’t step up to lead.

Leaders have developed the tolerance to experience any emotion and embrace getting everything wrong and experiencing shame, humiliation, or failure. They know that they have their own back that they’ll take care of themselves through that.

It’s important that you learn how to process and feel any emotion without resistance. Emotions are vibrations in the body and nothing to fear. Leaders have developed this knowledge and skill set, setting themselves up for success.

Virtuoso leaders also know how to manage time effectively. They don’t indulge in overwhelm or constantly say “I’m so busy.” They understand that “busy” is just a thought. They’ve mastered the art of organizing their time with laser focus on the task at hand.  Calendaring and honoring time commitments are leadership skills that can be learned.

The best leaders know if you try to do too much and be too much and control everything, your effectiveness as a leader is the exact opposite. Reality and humans often don’t comply with your wishes.

You can improve your leadership skills by constantly observing your thoughts, rewiring your brain, using your thoughts to be an amazing leader, processing your feelings, and deciding on purpose. Changing the way you approach your day will give you the mindset you need to take care of yourself and your team. The discipline of self care really sets you up to be such a good leader. 

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