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Brooke Castillo

Why Rush?

This is a reblog from one of our newly certified life coaches, Andrea Laurence,  who is doing a great job on her newsletter.  Check it out.  If you want to see it in her pretty formatting and color, click here.



What's The Rush?

Are You In A Hurry? Do You Find Yourself Running Around Like A Chicken With It's Head Cut Off? What's Up With That???

I'm always in a rush. I find myself feeling really stressed about how much needs to be done. I knock over my coffee all over the keyboard, I run into the desk at 100 miles per hour, I forget my phone and keys at home …  the list goes on. These are the signs I'm thinking something about my time that is making me feel rushed and not helping me get things done efficiently. Sound familiar?  

Well, last week, I asked myself,

"Why are you in such a hurry?"

And This is what came out of my mouth

"He's Rushing Me!!!"

Really? I've been blaming my partner. Interesting. What's your reason?

Thought Work In Action:

Old Thought: He's rushing me!

Old Feeling:  Rushed.

Old Action: Panic. Run around. Stop thinking clearly. Try to gather up as much stuff as I can carry without really thinking things thru. Do as much at one time as possible. 

Old Result:  I'm a hot mess. Seriously. I get stuff done – but I'm not in a good mood and it's taking a lot of energy to complete a project and most of them are half finished.


New Thought: I choose what I want to work on today.

New Feeling: Confident.

New Action: Slow down. Think about what I want to work on. Work on the projects I choose to work on.

New Result: Enjoying life, getting projects done in a calm and confident manner. Not spilling things, forgetting things or running into things! Yeah!

& / Or

New Thought: He doesn't have anything to do with how much I get done.

New Feeling: Amused.

New Action: Laugh at myself. Smile inside. Work on a few projects at once and realize it's up to me to add or reduce pressure on myself.

New Result: Getting things done in a calm manner. Getting along better with my partner, too &projects are a better quality now.

Look at the actions you got goin' on. You happy? Smoothe sailing or a bumpy ride? Which one is it? If you're less than stoked – check your thoughts. Every tiny little thought causes you to act in a very specific way. Once you figure that out – you're on the road to feeling happier.


Thoughts Solve the "Why Am I Acting Like That?" Mystery. 

 "Works Every Time."

– Andrea Lawrence


The Rules About New Thoughts:

Gotta Believe Them. Gotta Make You Feel Better.

– Life Coach Andrea Lawrence


Below are some of my favorite thoughts about feeling rushed – from my personal work and from my work with clients.

                  Go on… try them out!


New Thoughts

I can slow down right now. I'm only rushing myself. There's no hurry. I choose what I want to work on. I know what I want to do today. I can slow down. Giving myself time is good. I have plenty of time. I'm the only one who cares about this right now. It will be okay if I slow down. What's the hurry? Slowing down is in my best interest.