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How to be interesting with Brooke Castillo

Are Your Clients Interested in Buying from You?

If they aren’t, it’s because you haven’t developed the skill of being interesting.

It’s not enough to be able to help your clients, you have to get their attention by interesting them in what you offer.

This is a skill. A skill you learn. A skill I can teach you.

It’s easy to think that “other people” are just more interesting, attractive or charismatic naturally and that's why they get clients easily.

None of that is true.

They simply know who their client is and how to get their attention by being incredibly interesting.

In this year’s Business Workshop I taught even the most boring people how to be interesting. I took everyone through the process of exactly how to do it, how to practice it and how to use it to make more money than ever before.

The truth is, we only have to get the brain's attention. When you understand how brains work, this becomes a predictable formula that can be repeated again and again to get and keep your client’s interest.

Most of you innocently make the same mistakes over and over again. I point these mistakes out and teach how to stop doing them. Then, we get into the tactics and strategies that will have your clients sitting up, paying attention and waving their hands to want to work with you.

This is all new material.

First time I have ever taught this content anywhere.

And you can access it immediately by purchasing the recordings.

You will watch this workshop and never be boring again.

Oh, and if you purchase them now, we’ll throw in the recordings of last year’s Business Workshop which can be accessed immediately.

All of this for $997.

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