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Brooke Castillo

Your Coaching Style


Understanding your coaching style is important.

Knowing your coaching super power is even more important.

My coaching style is fast, intense, blunt, belief slaying, with a heap of love thrown in.

My super power is coaching  fast.

I can get to the issue and through it faster than most coaches.

Other coaches are more patient. More kind. More empathetic.

It doesn't mean they are better or that I am better.

Just different.

This means we will attract different people, different clients.

Great news.

I think this is why I never see my colleagues as my competitors.

We all have different people who need our style.

I don't force myself to coach clients who need more tenderness, and I don't second guess referring them to my brilliant colleagues.

And often, clients come to me from other coaches who weren't a very good fit.

Your style becomes part of your brand of who you are as a coach.

So get to know yourself as a coach. Celebrate what your superpower is and cultivate it.