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Your People

The Life Coach School Ocean

New coaches always seem to make the same mistake when they start out.

They want the whole ocean.

They want every boat, fish, and piece of sand to visit their website and hire them.

You don't need the whole ocean.

You don't want the whole ocean.

You just need your bucket full of amazing.

Your people who love you and you love them.

Your clients will love YOUR style and your blog and your work and they will want to work with you.

It won't be hard and complicated.

Do what you do.  Do it awesome.

Even when you only have one reader and one client-give it to them 3000%.

They will tell a friend.

That friend will most likely be your people and then they might hire you.

And so it goes.

One drop of ocean at a time.

Stop trying to swallow the sea.

You will drown.