Welcome to The Life Coach School!

I’m Brooke Castillo and I’m very happy you are here.

We are a best in class Life Coach School specializing in Life Coach Training and Weight Coaching Training.  We offer exclusive, small, in-person trainings that change lives and inspire careers.

If this your first time here, please get to know us a bit by checking out our free resources.  We have an amazing podcast that we create every week.  Make sure you download an episode and have a listen.

Twice a month, we offer a coaching call where you can hear me coaching clients or get some free coaching yourself!  You can sign up for the call by clicking here.

We also send out a weekly “Friday Coach Like” which is a very short email with a coaching idea that you can apply to your life immediately.  It’s also where we announce all our free webinars and upcoming trainings. Click Here to Join that List

When you are ready for something more, we have a collection of coaching classes you can choose from in order to learn mind and emotional management for yourself and/or for your clients.  Click here to access those classes.

If you are interested in becoming a coach through The Life Coach School, it would be our honor to teach you.  Our trainings are not for everyone.  We fill our live classrooms with students who are  highly committed to showing up and learning these life-changing tools for themselves and the people they will help. We look to accept students who are excited about about the time and the financial commitment because they are truly ready for this training.   So in the interest of making sure it is a good fit, we ask that you go through our application process.

You can start by filling out the no obligation application (click here) which will put you in touch with our enrollment happiness specialist.  She will review your application, give you all the details of the next available training, and answer any questions you have.  If, at that point, you both agree it’s an amazing fit, you will be able to make a deposit for the training.  You will then be scheduled for a session with me (Brooke Castillo) where we will finalize your plan for the training and determine how I can best serve you as my student.  After this call, you will be officially accepted into the program and your spot will be secured. However, if either of us decide it isn’t a good fit, your full deposit will be returned.

Our Vision: Life Coach School coaches will increase the credibility and integrity of the Life Coaching profession worldwide.  The Life Coach School will be known as the best Small Private Online Coaching School in the US.  We have a community of raving fan students.   Life Coach School coaches have the highest reputation of all practicing coaches.  We will also have the most graduates who are published authors.  It is the gold standard for private school coach training because each of its coaches will have a commitment to loving and serving their clients in the highest possible way.

At this school, we believe in…

The capacity of the mind to expand.

In the ability of the heart to heal.

And in the desire to laugh and enjoy it all.

Discontent is the Universe Nudging you Forward

And now, 10 totally true things about co-founders, Brooke and Chris:

Brooke and Chris Castillo

1. I (Brooke) used to seriously ride horses in Three-Day Event competitions.

2. I started a hair salon with my hair dresser in the late 90’s.  We made 1M in our first year in business.

3. Chris is an Eagle Scout.

4. Chris worked for Hewlett Packard for 18 years before becoming an entrepreneur.

5. We’ve been married for 17 years and are still madly in love with each other.

6. We have two sons ( Connor, 13 and Christian, 14) and an elderly Dachshund (Zorro).

6. We took care of Chris’ beloved mother in our home as she was dying, and it changed us forever.

7. Our business got audited our second year in business and the IRS owed us $1500. (auditor had never seen it)

8. We have date night once a week.

9. We are both obsessed with great customer service.

10. We are proud to run a business that changes people’s lives in all the best ways.


Our Students Say

Describe the training in one word….


-Kili Marti


-Margaret Magner


-Susan Roll




-Maryna Smuts


whirlwindy-wowza-whatthe?-loved it!

-Mari Anne Auwarter


-Laura Rosenberg


-Audrey Wilson


-Jessica Vazquez


-Christie Inge

Life changing

-Bronwen Anderson


-Wendi Bromley


-Bernhard Bauer


-Shirl Gooch



 Mind Blowing

- Janet Archer


- Jennifer Rowe


- Laura Sporleder


- Maggie Reyes


- Martine LaBrèche


- Michele Kittell


- Vanessa Lurie


- Dana Mallon


-Michelle Reinhardt


- Ellen Stoune 


- Cari Rauch


- Laura Rosenberg


- Jennifer Suarez


-Laura Wagner




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