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How Do You Create Something Unique in The World?

We create value with our brains.

The combination of inputs and our own thinking creates something new in the world.

If you think about every single creation, it all came from something internal. It did not come from something external. It came from experience, knowledge, and the thinking power of our brains.

And that’s true for every single one of us.

How do we create something unique in the world?

We combine something in the world with our brains.

Nobody else has a brain like yours. Nobody can add the value that you can specifically offer. Your experience, knowledge, and thinking power is unique to you.

When we don’t acknowledge that we have power within our own brain, the world misses out on something it’s supposed to experience…

Unfortunately, our brain also generates a lot of self doubt and self criticism. Our worries prevent us from living our best life and maximizing our contribution to the world. This is the 50/50 of life.

So as we think about accessing our own brain for knowledge, as we think about accessing ourselves for the contribution that we’re supposed to make to the world, we have to trust that we have something within us worth offering.

Here’s how:

How Do We Access Our Own Wisdom and Knowledge?

So many people compare themselves to others.

Some of us compare ourselves to another person’s beauty, to other people’s bodies, to other people’s success, to other people’s lives, to other people’s personalities, all of it.

And in that comparison, we can end up feeling bad. We can end up using the positives of other people against ourselves. We put ourselves down for no other reason than comparison.

When you use other people against yourself, you block your own magnificence. You take away your ability to create value in your own life.

Getting mad or resentful toward someone else because of their beauty or presence directly diminishes your own.


When you appreciate other people’s magnificence, see their humanness, recognize their accomplishments, acknowledge their successes, it makes it so much easier for you to acknowledge and see greatness within yourself.

This is how you start to access your own wisdom and knowledge in life.

You stop comparing yourself to others, and you start appreciating their accomplishments, seeing it as an example of what’s possible.

How to Approach Comparison in Your Own Life

It’s important to remember that everyone’s life is 50/50.

We all balance the positive and the negative.

Some of us experience more positives. Others experience more negatives. But we all have both. We need both sides to live a full, big life.

For example, Whitney Houston looked to have the perfect life.

When Brooke was younger, she had a fascination with Whitney.

From the outside looking in, she had the perfect body, she had the perfect voice, and she had the perfect success.

She seemingly had it all, but that wasn’t the case on the inside.

And we may compare ourselves to these bigger than life people, thinking that our life will never be as great or glamorous as theirs, nor will we ever feel like we have enough.


She had the positive and negative in her life, too. She had the 50:50 we all have.

Which is why it’s a waste of time to try and be like someone else–to obsess and hate yourself for not being as beautiful, successful, or influential as another human. This is a waste of energy that creates unnecessary painful moments for yourself.

Understand that people’s lives are both amazing and horrible. Whitney Houston’s life was amazing but it was also awful, just like all of our lives.

We have great parts of our lives and we have terrible parts of our lives.

People may think that their lives are not 50/50.

Some people have more positives than negatives.

Other people have more negatives than positives.

Here’s the truth:

If you want to live your best life, you must embrace the 50/50 of life.

Life is about setting big goals, pursuing impossible dreams, and creating room to experience both the positive and negative.

There’s no escaping the bad and only experiencing the good.

They go hand in hand.

That’s not to say you have to live a huge life like Whitney Houston, but…

You are meant for more. A lot more. And comparing yourself to others diminishes that and steals your biggest, best life away from you.

How Comparison Diminishes Your Magnificence

When we compare ourselves to other people, we diminish our own power.

Let’s say for example, you’re walking down the beach. You see another woman, and she has a magnificent body. You appreciate her beauty.

You appreciate the way she carries herself.

Then you think, “Oh, I’m not like that.”

That may be true. You may not be like her. She may be very different from you.

But, you can still appreciate and acknowledge her.

Instead, in those moments, appreciate the beauty. Neutralize the comparison. Maybe even feel motivated because that person is an example of what is possible.

Change your thoughts from comparison to appreciation.

If you can see something in someone else, that means it’s possible for you.

It most likely won’t be exactly what the other person has, but they are an example of what’s possible.

This subtle shift from comparison to appreciation is your opportunity.

Let others inspire you or motivate you to create in your own life. You can turn the negative energy of comparison into positive energy for growth.

Are there things that other people have that you can admire and appreciate, but know that you can’t have?

Of course.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t feel inspired and see what’s possible for your own life in others.

How to Compare Without Hurting Yourself

Do you compare yourself to the vastness of the ocean?

How about the magnificence of the mountains?

What about the beauty of a flower?

No, you don’t.

Instead, you appreciate the ocean, the mountains, and the flowers.

When we feel the vastness of the ocean, we look on in awe and appreciate its wonder.

When we see the height and size of the mountains, we acknowledge their presence.

And when we look at the beauty of a flower, we appreciate it for what it is.

We do not compare ourselves to things. Instead, we appreciate them.

This is how you compare yourself to others without hurting yourself.

You appreciate them.

We can appreciate their beauty. We can appreciate their success. We can appreciate their magnificence without using it against ourselves.

The reason we’re interested in other people in that way is because we’re meant to have it as well. But there are other times where we may try to use other people to criticize ourselves.

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