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How to transform your “fear energy” into something useful

Maybe you need to make money.

Maybe you just lost your job.

Or, maybe you’re trying to build your business.

But, it can feel like your negative thoughts are chasing you.

Your thought feels like a predator, stalking you.

It’s like an endless cat and mouse game you can never win.

But, once you get aware of your irrational fears and acknowledge them you can process the emotion and notice you’re okay while experiencing it.

You start to notice this extra energy.

It’s the energy you see animals shake off after they’ve been stalked, chased, and survive a predator.

You can tap into this energy to overcome fear.

Here’s the truth:

We aren’t being chased by predators, but we, in our mind, have thoughts that make it feel that way.

And when you learn to manage your “fear energy,” you start to notice this other extra energy inside of you.

It’ll feel like anxiety, fear, adrenaline or a combination of all three. This is unused energy. You can transform this energy into something positive and produce something useful.

You can channel that energy into your work and life.

You can overcome fear.

How “fear energy” is used against you

So many of you right now are sitting at home and you’re needing to make money.

You’re needing to provide for your families.

You’re needing to build your businesses.

Some of you have lost your jobs.

Too many of you are sitting around not producing anything with this energy and actually using it against yourself as a weapon to hurt yourself and to go into despair, into panic, and frustration, to lash out at everyone around you, to lash out at yourself.

Take that energy, that collective fear energy that’s left over after you’ve processed it, and put it into something productive.

This requires focus. It requires a channeling of that focus. Your fear will pull you toward what you believe is scaring you:

  • What’s on the news?
  • What’s the next terrible thing to happen?
  • What are the latest stats on COVID?
  • What’s going on with the hurricane?
  • What’s going on with the election?
  • What’s going on with the riots in the world?

We spend our time just filling our brain with information that freaks us out even more.

Although it’s important to be informed and to know what’s going on, it’s more important to take your awareness, emotions, and thoughts and do something with them.

Ask yourself, instead:

  • “How can I help?”
  • “How can I serve?”
  • “How can I produce?”
  • “How could I be useful instead of just sitting here being upset and in despair about it?”

One of the ways you can act on these questions is to contribute to the solution, especially those of you who are coaches.

How to channel your fear and anxiety into positive impact

When we channel our fear, our anxiety, and our worry into our work, we end up producing something with that energy that serves not just the world but ourselves.

You have to take the focus of that energy and really go to work. Transmute the anxiety energy and the fear energy into something that helps instead of harms.

When you think about the increased attention you can have when you’re alert because of something, that energy is actually very useful.

That energy can be applied to your work, to your business, to nearly anything in your life.

The choice is yours.

You want to utilize that energy and funnel it into creating solutions, answers, and contributions instead of only focusing on the problems.

How to use “fear energy” and create motivation, contribution, energy, and service in our lives

When we focus on what we do want.

We want to create motivation, contribution, energy, and service in our lives.

What is it that’s making you afraid and what does it make you want instead?

Take that energy and transform it into want and need to create the solution to that fear.

That doesn’t mean it’s going to be comfortable the whole time. That doesn’t mean it’s going to feel good. It also doesn’t mean just because it doesn’t feel good that it’s not useful to you.

Too often many of you say that you’re waiting for all the scary things to be over with. Once all the scary things are over, then you’ll feel good enough to work again.

The scary things are never going to be over. They’ll never go away.

This is life. There’s lots of scary things and there always will be, but also acknowledge that they’re intensified right now. There’s a lot of very intensified things going on in the world all at the same time. You can see that as an opportunity to curl up in a ball or you can see that as an opportunity to find out how to process your fear emotion so you can create something.

Our ancestors had to go to war, they had to protect their families with weapons, they had to deal with life and death all day every day in ways much more intense than we’re having right now.

So the questions become:

How did they keep evolving and moving forward and creating through that fear?

How did they rely on the other part of themselves?

How did they transform the fear into producing something?

How do we continue that process?

How do we continue in a much less intensified way, but also in a way where we can use our mental tools, so we can continue to create even when times are hard?

We serve and contribute, no matter what.

There are so many reasons to justify not working, not building your business, not producing, not showing up, not adding value.

But ask yourself:

“Do I want to use those reasons or do I want to keep evolving as a human?”

Do you want to keep creating?

You don’t have to, but this is an opportunity for you to dig deep inside of yourself. Find your own truths. Utilize your “fear energy” to produce what you want in terms of solutions.

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